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Cloud Computing: Data, Apps, Games And The Entire PC On Web

The implementation of services, storage space, apps and computing power on the Internet is called cloud computing. Meanwhile, games are likewise being moved to the Web. The cloud was utilized as an image for the worldwide Web as soon as the 1980s. However, the expression “distributed computing” just turned into a trendy expression during the 1990s. Cloud computing implies that applications beforehand just utilized on a solitary PC or a nearby organization are moved to the Web. 

They can be used by anybody or a restricted gathering from any Internet-Enabled PC. Today, confidential clients and business clients use distributed computing as per usual. A fundamental essential for the outcome of cloud applications was broadband Web access and mobile Web that was as far-reaching as expected. Most cloud administrations are executed across stages without being subject to a particular working framework. Everything necessary separated from the Web association is a Web program or the cell phone application for the critical help to utilize the cloud administration.

From Cloud Storage To Cloud Laptop

Cloud computing has an exciting development history behind it. There were initially free email services for private users that could be used directly in the browser instead of using a separate email program. Later, online banking was also offered web-based instead of special banking software. However, online storage services for storing private documents, music and video files on the Internet were seen as the first essential cloud services by remote users. This eliminates the need to lug around USB sticks or external hard drives. Later, software applications such as Office programs were moved to the Internet. 

Google Docs was one of the pioneers that forced Microsoft to offer a web-based version of Microsoft Office. We show you essential web-based office packages in our separate overview of online office services. In the meantime, other complex applications for which you had to purchase expensive software licenses in the past have been and are being offered in the cloud. In addition to Microsoft, providers such as Adobe are now making money with the creative programs that have been moved to the Internet by implementing web-based applications at a monthly subscription price. 

As an alternative to the expensive subscriptions to established cloud services, there are also increasing numbers of free cloud services for image and music editing, video editing and scheduling. Many messenger services can also be web-based. This led to Google even creating an operating system for Chromebook laptops with ChromeOS, on which the browser is the only most crucial software running. All other applications are mainly used in the cloud. Innovative home applications are also increasingly using the cloud these days. For example, the surveillance camera at home regularly saves images to online storage for checking purposes, which can be viewed using a smartphone app.

Complete Computers And Games In The Cloud

Anyone who needed a lot of computing power, for example, for games, 3D rendering or editing 4K and 8K videos, had to invest a lot of money in powerful computers. But even this computing power is now being moved to the cloud. An example is the Shadow service: Here, you can rent a powerful computer in the cloud for a specific monthly price, which is operated via the Internet. In the past, game fans had to constantly tinker with the computer for the latest games or own the latest generation of consoles. Thanks to cloud gaming, this should soon be over. Numerous providers have started services for demanding online games – besides a cloud gaming subscription, Internet access and television. Gamers only need a game controller.

Security And Data Protection: Doubts About The Cloud

Companies also save time and money by moving previously expensive services to the cloud. Not only telephone systems or printing services are virtualized and implemented in the cloud. In the meantime, even complex network functions can be implemented in the cloud – even with mobile phone networks. In recent years, however, a discussion about the security of cloud applications has rightly started. It’s not just about insecure clouds from which documents are stolen, or secret services demand access. If services for the connected car, telemedicine or essential parts of the infrastructure such as electricity or water supply are implemented in the cloud, and hackers paralyze these, human lives are at risk.

In the case of highly security-critical applications, there is now an opposing trend again, no longer locating them in an Internet cloud but in local data centers that are strictly separated from the Internet. Private users should consider whether they want to store sensitive personal data such as password collections, health data or scanned passport documents in a cloud because there are always successful hacker attacks on cloud services. If you want to prevent data misuse, you should encrypt it with software before storing it in the cloud. Then thieves cannot do anything with the stolen data.

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