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The Eight Essential Skills For A Skilled Project Manager

The project manager plays a fundamental role in the success of any project. In addition to nagging everyone to meet deadlines, he needs special skills to get the job done. Here are the eight essential skills every project manager should have, to a greater or lesser extent.


The best project managers are great communicators. They know how to define objectives clearly, explain ongoing activities in a way that allows all team members to understand what is expected of them immediately, and present concrete results to the client or applicant. They also know when it’s time to make a phone call, set up a follow-up meeting, or when an email is enough. Most projects fail due to poor communication. By communicating clearly and promptly, the project manager maintains control of management and, at the same time, strengthens his credibility by stimulating a sense of ownership.


Great project managers manage to be decisive and personable at the same time. They know how to inspire, establish a clear vision and motivate each team member to work efficiently towards a common goal.


All colleagues are human beings and often bring their baggage of conflicts (personal and professional) with them. A capable project manager can contain these conflicts and create a win-win situation.

Time Management

Time management means more than compliance with the timetable. This competence also concerns the ability to respect one’s time and those of colleagues. This means having the courage to say ‘no’ when your schedule doesn’t allow it and making your meetings super efficient.

Cost Control

Another critical project management skill is budget management. Unless you work for a sheik or a lavishly funded start-up, you will likely have to account for every penny you spend. ‘Less is more’ is the motto of our times, so ensure you can manage project finances intelligently to get as many things done with as few resources as possible.

Risk Management

The ability to control and anticipate risks is a sign that you fully control your project. Since nobody likes nasty surprises, list things that could go wrong before they do and find ways to react with as little impact as possible.

Efficiency In Meetings

Project managers spend most of their time orchestrating meetings with various audiences, including team members, clients, senior management, and other stakeholders. Arriving at these prepared meetings can save you many problems:

  1. Invite only the people crucial to the success of what will be discussed in the meeting.
  2. Send them the list of topics in advance (together with possible questions).
  3. Establish the objectives at the start of the meeting and keep an eye on the clock.

Subject Matter Expertise

Project managers who know the project topic in detail have a more significant advantage over those who could be better prepared. And while many argue that planning is more important than the plan itself, the difference between a good project manager and a great one is their experience with the project’s subject matter. Knowing how things work in detail will allow you to answer complex questions and help you adapt faster if necessary. For those wishing to learn more about the theme and functionality of modern project management software, we have published an introductory guide on project management. You can download it for free below. 

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