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5 Tips To Fix MacBook Battery Not Charging Issues

Fixing the charging issue that your MacBook has might not seem like a lot, but it’s a great idea to adapt and implement the right systems in place. With that in mind, it never hurts to try and fix the MacBook battery yourself. There are different reasons why the battery ends up not charging. Identify and fix them, then you can start reusing your MacBook in no time.

What leads to charging issues for a MacBook?

The thing you will notice is that different reasons lead to battery problems for a MacBook. It can be a bad charging port, maybe poor connectivity, hardware or battery issues, a bad ventilation system, software issues and anything in between. These problems are prevalent and they can become worse if you don’t address them fast.

Update your firmware and software

A good fix and a fast one too is to update your software and also the firmware for your device. Software bugs can be common here and they will end up bringing their fair share of problems. Thankfully, an update might be the easy way out here. You can go and update from the System Preferences. It’s a quick and helpful fix. Try this and a restart first, then you can use some of the more complex ideas.

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Try a few maintenance scripts

These scripts can be a good pick mainly because they are easy to do from the Terminal:

  • Write down “Sudo periodic daily weekly monthly”

The reason you need to do this is it sets up the charging system in place and it will solve many of the possible problems.

Use a Mac cleaning tool

A Mac cleaning tool is helpful because you can easily clean up your Mac in no time. Software bugs, problems that prevent your Mac from charges can be related to any apps you installed or random things not working the way they should. A Mac cleanup tool is the ideal option to focus on and it can lead to some impressive results if you manage it right.

See if there are visible hardware problems

If your Mac is physically damaged, then those visible hardware problems are problematic and you need to tackle them as fast as you can. A repair shop might solve your battery problems. Some of the problems can be a loose or faulty battery connector, maybe even a faulty DC connector. There are cases when even the charging cable is broken.

Reset the PRAM

You can reset the PRAM if you want to solve battery charging problems. The idea here is that you hold the power button for 5 seconds, it will turn your MacBook off. Then you turn it back on, and as you do that hold the Control+Option+R+P. When you do this the Mac will restart, release the keys only after it restarts. It will go right into the operating system and the PRAM is reset. That might be a great solution to your MacBook charging issue.


We believe that it’s very important to try and fix any MacBook charging issues by starting with a simple fix. Then you can slowly attempt some of the other fixes. In some cases you might even have to replace the battery because it’s faulty. But many times it’s a hardware issue, and simple things like restarting or stopping power-hungry apps can help!

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