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How To Grow A Business: Top 4 Techniques (With Examples)?

Why Isn’t Your Business Growing?

You work hard every day. You dedicate every minute of your life to your business. Stay up late at night to check that everything is in order. Yet, despite this, something is missing. Your business is moving forward, but you should be doing more than you already are in growth. You, inside you, already know the problem: you need help. Many companies have the quality to sell, a huge professionalism and an incomparable experience. And yet, these same companies too often need to record the results they deserve, given their level.

Of course, there can be many reasons why a business doesn’t grow. Often, the business fails to reach new potential customers. Other times, the company needs to increase business with already loyal customers. In any case, the problem lies with their way of engaging in marketing. These companies, however virtuous from an operational point of view, need to adequately communicate with their customers, real and potential and thus lose many business opportunities by the wayside. This is why marketing agencies are born. A good marketing agency is a helper to delegate all those communication, promotion and brand enhancement activities (which often need to be performed better by internal staff, in addition to ordinary tasks). 

A helper capable of obtaining excellent results within the expected times and – above all – completely autonomous, who does not need continuous supervision. Thus, thanks to this help, you will see your company exploit its unexpressed potential and grow, while you can return to dedicate all your energies and time to what you do best: your work. All of this is essential to growing a company. If you want to discover the four most used techniques by quality marketing agencies to help companies grow, continue reading. The first three are mainly aimed at acquiring new customers, while the fourth is designed to increase the volume of business with existing customers.

Create A Corporate Image That People Remember

There Needs To Be A Second Chance To Make A Good First Impression

This sacrosanct truth becomes even more damning in the business world. Making a bad first impression often means having already compromised all future business opportunities. Suppose we convey a weak, poorly maintained or inconsistent image. In that case, the potential customer will be led to think that, like the image, the company could be stronger, better maintained or consistent. Furthermore, in today’s market, potential customers make their first impression of us through our website. 

Putting the two things together, we immediately understand how taking care of the digital image is vital in the corporate world. Having a worthy image will allow us, through our website, to communicate our value visually rather than in words. Thus, we can communicate all those positive qualities our potential client expects. In short: the corporate image, called a coordinated image, is the business card with which your company presents itself to the world and potential customers. 

The corporate image comprises many elements, graphic and textual, which combine to form how your company is perceived: the logo, the font, the colors, the graphics, and the images, all elements which must coexist harmoniously in your webpage. When this activity is carried out adequately by a team of professionals, your web page will become a perfect machine, capable of leading your customer from the first click to the final conversion, fascinating them along the way.

Take Advantage Of Social Media Marketing To Get Tangible Results

Social Media Marketing means using platforms such as, for example, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube to promote your company and sell your products or services. Advertise your product through a series of posts, engage with your customers in an online conversation, and create engaging content that captures the attention of potential customers. These are all Social Media Marketing activities that are extremely effective when placed in the right context.

This type of marketing, as simple as it may seem to some, requires communication knowledge, technical skills and dedicated IT tools. Furthermore, like all marketing activities, Social Media Marketing cannot be left to improvisation but requires a strategy. You can get many benefits for your company through a Social Media Marketing strategy. The two main ones are:

Generating New Leads And Increasing Sales

When it comes to online shopping, customers never do it by accident. They always follow precise and well-structured routes. Social media allows the creation of these paths, as channels are also built to facilitate sales. Promotional offers and discount codes dedicated to followers: there are many techniques to take advantage of these channels and get new sales.

Drive Traffic To Your Site

If you have a strong presence on social media, many people will see your posts, which may be interested in what you do and, therefore, decide to visit your website. And this is the first step towards acquiring new customers. But that’s not all: the main social platforms also offer the possibility of advertising your posts, allowing you to reach even tens of thousands of users with relatively low costs.

Reach The First Places On Google With SEO

SEO is an acronym for ” Search Engine Optimization “or “Optimization for search engines”. It is the set of techniques implemented to optimize websites to be shown among the top positions in user searches on Google. Imagine the satisfaction of seeing your site among the top search results on Google. Being among the first places for terms related to your business means having the highest probability that your site will be visited when a user searches for those terms. 

And it’s easy to understand that the more traffic to your site grows, the more leads and sales will increase. But such an ambitious goal requires a lot of knowledge, competence and professionalism. To get a site that positions well in search results, you need advanced skills in various sectors: IT, copywriting, and graphics. All skills that can only really be possessed by SEO marketing agencies boast within them a team of experts dedicated to each professional field. However, with the help of the right marketing firm, the results will come. And with them, the sales.

Integrate Additional Services To Surprise The Customer

To increase the volume of business with already acquired customers, the most used technique is integrating additional products into the products already purchased by the customer. Imagine, for example, that you need to buy an elegant dress for a special occasion. After trying on different items and choosing the one you like best, the clerk will usually ask you if you need anything else, like a belt or a pair of shoes. Indeed, you may find that you don’t have the right shoes for the occasion and, therefore, may be interested in buying a pair.

In Conclusion

Growing a business can be challenging. But accepting not seeing her grow up, knowing she would have all the credentials to do so, is even more difficult. For this reason, it is important to rely on a quality marketing agency that, with the techniques seen (and many others), will be able to set in motion and maintain a business growth process.

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