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Winning Landing Pages: 7 Examples

The landing page is an essential element for an online marketing campaign: let’s see together 7 examples of truly effective landing pages and analyze the reasons for their success. An online presence is essential for a business. However, more than designing a beautiful website is required: to achieve your goals, growth, and sales, you need to generate leads. What is the best way to do it? Create an effective landing page.

Before analyzing the successful landing pages from which to take inspiration, it is good to know that – for its functions – it must focus on the winning characteristics of the activity, on what for the customer or potential customer is more advantageous and attractive. Once you have identified your strengths, look at your competitors’ landing pages and choose whether to rely on an agency or an online service to create the page. 

While a traditional website encourages users to browse through multiple pages, a landing page is a one-page mini-site whose purpose is to convince visitors to perform a specific action: sign up for a newsletter, buy a product, or download a pdf. Its essential elements are, therefore, a descriptive title, captivating visual elements, and – precisely – a call to action. But what are the most successful examples of landing pages to inspire you?


Why does Netflix provide an example of a successful landing page? Because he is an interesting choice, he must explain the service and mention the premium subscription. However, it’s a very successful page: it’s elegant, contains a concise message, breaks the rules (use red for every CTA, even though it’s the color of “danger” on the web), and only asks for the email address to fill out the form. Inserting an excessively elaborate form, with the request for various data, can discourage the user from filling it out.


If the Deliveroo website is aimed at customers who want to order food at home, its landing page invites restaurants to become service partners. In this way, a distinction is made between the two types of users. The page has several winning elements: the contact form at the top, equipped with convenient drop-down lists to avoid filling in by hand, and the advantages of joining Deliveroo, explained in a few words and highlighted.


The Airbnb host search landing page is a winner for several reasons, starting with the choice of images. Which, of the highest quality, portray daily life scenes that truly convey the essence of hospitality. Reporting the opinions of those who have rented their accommodation, the page tells at a glance the advantages of putting your home on Airbnb. Subsequently, it reports an estimate of how much you could earn depending on the property area and offers the possibility of consulting the super hosts to learn more.


The Mailup landing page is one big contact form. The service is described in just three adjectives (simple, powerful, effective), after which the space is entirely occupied by the contact form and its call to action. At the bottom of the page are the (prestigious) names of the companies that have chosen the email marketing and newsletter-sending service.

Live Energy

The Vivi Energia landing page manages to create a sense of urgency. A real-time countdown is positioned alongside the offer, which invites the user to take action immediately. And, therefore, to take advantage of the exclusive offer for electricity and gas. Also, discuss a “gift card” by showing an Amazon gift card. The idea it conveys? The advantages would be obtained by choosing Vivi Energia as a supplier for one’s utilities.


Among the most compelling examples of landing pages on Facebook is that of Udemy, which uses a quiz system. By accessing the page, the question is: “What are your main interests at the moment?”. You need to register to find the answer and identify which courses are most suitable for you. This does not mean enrolling in a course for the user, but for Udemy, it means acquiring a contact for its email marketing operations.


A yellow background? Impossible to ignore it. That’s why the Mailchimp landing page inevitably remains impressive. In addition to the color, the coherent CTA is also striking, reported three times: “Register,” “Sign up,” and “Sign up for free.” Regardless of the page’s position in which the user is located, he can act and subscribe to the newsletter creation and sending service.

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