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Windows 11: Functions, Benefits, And Disadvantages

Most Microsoft clients have been utilizing Windows 10 since July 29, 2015. After nearly six years, there will be another working framework. For half a month, it has been realized that Microsoft is bringing Windows 11 onto the market, and practically 1% of all Windows clients have introduced it as a review. With this comes another working framework that ought to be fancier and quicker. Our Windows 11 Check responds to every one of your inquiries concerning Windows 11 and gives you an underlying understanding of the new framework.

When Did Windows 11 Come?

Windows 11 came on October 5, 2021. The free overhaul from Windows 10 to Windows 11 will gradually be carried out to qualified P.C.s. New gadgets are served first. At that point, the advancement will be steadily reached out to devices currently available. Microsoft accepts that all appropriate gadgets will get the free move up to Windows 11 by mid-2022. 

Assuming a Windows 10 P.C. qualified for the redesign, Windows Update will inform you when the advancement is free. Likewise, you can make sure that Windows 11 is prepared for your gadget by going to Settings> Windows Update and picking the “Check for Updates” choice.

Which Windows 11 Versions Will There Be?

The following versions are expected to be available:

  1. Windows 11 Home
  2. Windows 11 Pro
  3. Windows 11 Pro Education
  4. Windows 11 Pro for Workstation
  5. Windows 11 Education
  6. Windows 11 Enterprise
  7. Windows 11 Mixed Reality

Windows 11 Check – New Functions In Windows 11

Design Update

The most significant innovation is the design update. This was built from scratch and thus designed in a more modern way. The rounded corners, reflected in almost every element of the Windows 11 surface, are noticeable here. Well-known apps such as the Snipping Tool, the calculator and the calendar, and the Microsoft Store itself have been redesigned. A unique innovation: In the future, Android apps can also be downloaded to the computer via the new Microsoft Store.

The programs in the system tray are now placed in the middle by default. However, this can be changed in the settings as usual. The start menu has also been given a more modern look. Attention was paid to a more apparent arrangement and personalized recommendations. The animations have also been adapted and made more dynamic.

New Productivity Features

In addition, some productivity functions have been renewed. If you work with external monitors on your notebook or have two monitors connected to your desktop computer, the applications are opened again precisely where you arranged them before shutdown. This includes the so-called snapping of windows. This has now been made much simpler and more efficient.

File Explorer

The file explorer and the settings have been fundamentally adapted to the new design. Attention was paid to a new arrangement and clarity.

Widget Window

The old calendar view, the news tile with the weather, and the latest news introduced in Windows 10 have been packed together in a widget window. One receives personalized messages, can search the web, and add other app widgets. Microsoft 365 will also be further integrated into the operating system and its device.

Microsoft Teams Is Replacing Skype

In addition, Microsoft is in full swing to continue to replace Skype. After Skype for Business was replaced by Microsoft Teams, the consumer version of Skype is now replaced by Teams. Microsoft Teams is only intended for private use and is completely merged with the operating system. The chat partners can be on Windows, Android, or Apple iOS. In the future, it should also be possible to communicate with contacts who do not have teams via a so-called two-way SMS.

Use Android Apps In Windows 11

Perhaps the most famous innovation is the accessibility of Android applications. These are offered through the Amazon Appstore in the Microsoft Store. This implies that an Amazon account is required. Android applications would now be utilized locally in Windows without an additional program. This means that clients don’t need to wrestle with deficient or inadequate elements of electronic applications like Instagram for the work area.

Also, work processes that depend on coordination among portable and work area working frameworks become significantly more available. This is particularly significant for Android application engineers who need to test their applications during improvement. Then again, some applications work better with a console and mouse included.

Benefits Of Windows 11

  1. Windows 11 brings all of the performance and security of Windows 10 with a redesigned and updated look and feel. The icons in the file explorer are new and much better designed. Windows are now round and no longer square.
  2. Windows 11 is measurably faster than Windows 10
  3. Windows 11 warns of auto starts. With autostarts, programs load automatically immediately after starting the computer. But this costs time and performance. Windows 11 is now elementary enough to detect an autostart and switch it off.
  4. There will be a mute button to switch off the microphone centrally for all applications.
  5. Newly redesigned desktop for multitasking and additional desktops with the ability to customize the backgrounds and name them
  6. Simplified context menus
  7. File paths can now easily be copied with a right-click.
  8. Windows Terminal is now integrated by default
  9. New and smoother animations
  10. All sounds have been revised and modernized
  11. New voice input function

Disadvantages Of Windows 11

  1. Particular hardware requirements (only specific processors are supported.)
  2. A Microsoft account is required for the Home version
  3. Some functions will be discontinued (for example, the timeline, Skype, or Paint 3D)

Windows 11 System Requirements

Unfortunately, it is already known that not every device with Windows 10 runs without problems and that it is also intended for Windows 11. Anyone using a current Windows 10 version can update Windows 11 free of charge if the hardware requirements are met. But what are these requirements?

  1. processor: one gigahertz (GHz) or faster with two or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or SoC (System on a chip)
  2. R.A.M: 4 gigabytes (G.B.)
  3. Storage space: 64 G.B. or larger storage device
  4. System firmware: UEFI enabled for a safe start
  5. TPM: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0
  6. graphic card: Compatible with DirectX 12 or higher with WDDM 2.0 driver
  7. Display: High-resolution display (720p) with a diagonal of more than 9 inches, 8 bits per color channel
  8. Internet connection and Microsoft accounts:Windows 11 Home Edition requires an Internet connection and a Microsoft account to complete the device set up the first time you use it.
  9. Further function-specific system requirements for Windows 11 can be found on the Microsoft website.

Windows 11 Compatibility Test

With the help of an unofficial tool, WhyNotWin11, you can check whether your system is suitable for Windows 11 and, if it is not, which parts are responsible for it. 

Install Windows 11

If you want to test Windows 11 now, you can download the operating system.

To do this, go to Update and Security under Windows settings. Here you will find the “Windows Insider Program” tab. You now have the opportunity to register for the program. After successful registration, you can choose from various insider settings. After a restart, the latest Windows 11 builds will be available.

No Need To Rush

There is currently no need to rush. Windows 10 will continue to receive regular updates until 2025. The focus here is primarily on the area of ​​security updates. You will find out more about the possibilities of Windows 11 on our blog in the next few weeks.

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