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Why Should Companies Have A LinkedIn Profile?

As we all know, Facebook is increasingly giving way to Linkedin for the more professional aspects. This platform is the new point of contact between job seekers and job providers. For companies, it is also becoming a showcase of their business through which to highlight their reality, their strengths, and, why not, even their mistakes. Let’s see below what are the reasons why companies should have a Linkedin profile. 

Those Who Are Looking For Work 

Briefly dwelling on the advantages for individual users of the platform, we can mention the reason for its birth. It came to light as a meeting place between supply and demand for employment: a professional place where talents possessing educational qualifications and who boast significant experience and professionalism can demonstrate their qualities and work interests. Companies, for their part, have the opportunity to get in touch with these resources, considered an increasingly scarce asset. It is essential to be able to keep within one’s business reality. Through talent, companies can thrive and progress in their sector. This is just one of the aspects that characterize this platform, 

Potential And Advantages 

Companies that decide to open a business account on Linkedin boast various advantages in addition to the one mentioned above:

  1. The concept of a network of relationships. This is certainly an aspect to take into consideration because their potential is not irrelevant. The contacts that can be established, established, and maintained are also fundamental from a business perspective: Linkedin allows you to find more specific information on your target audience and competitors. 
  2. However, LinkedIn is also a showcase to exhibit one’s corporate and brand potential. It guarantees greater visibility to your company by establishing itself as a place to publish news, helpful information, and open job positions.

Why Companies Should Be On LinkedIn

It is undoubtedly the ideal platform to increase your brand awareness. By sharing interesting and relevant content with your sector, you can establish a dialogue that is as professional as possible to involve users. However, these activities must always be self-referential; on the contrary, it is always good to try to interact proactively with the publications of others and show interest in what they have to say to your community.  Working on your brand reputation and demonstrating your skills is essential for companies in all sectors. Placing oneself before one’s audience with a proactive attitude, participating in discussions, or proposing valuable and exciting topics is the right way to be present on this platform. 

Practical Tips For Getting Started

Here are five tips for companies to start using Linkedin in the best possible way:

  1. create a company profile containing the most salient information 
  2. highlight the characteristics and peculiarities that distinguish it 
  3. periodically publish quality content relevant to the context; to this end, it is always good to remember the functionality and use of this channel
  4. add employees to the corporate network 
  5. create and manage your network of connections to position yourself in an environment appropriate to your reference sector. 

Linkedin, therefore, represents an environment in which to build and establish relationships daily to increase one’s professional network. Only by knowing how to work well and making the most of this medium, with dedication, passion, and due care, that companies can reap results in the medium and long term. 

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