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WhatsApp: How To Send Automatic Replies On iOS And Android

Could program answers at any point be sent on WhatsApp? This is the way to answer with preset messages on iOS and Android. Every one of the stunts and helpful applications. You frequently get a message on WhatsApp while in the checkout line at the grocery store or while driving. Circumstances in which seeing the correspondence and answering is perplexing if conceivable. Thus, particularly the most indiscreet, they need help remembering the message and giving a reaction to their questioner. By and by, innovation comes to meet us in these cases. 

For quite a while, sending programmed answers on WhatsApp has been feasible, hence trying not to run into horrendous dolts. Albeit helpful, this isn’t yet authoritatively accessible inside the well-known texting application. However, there’s a compelling reason to surrender: it’s feasible to depend on basic deceives that permit you to send programmed answers on WhatsApp with practically no issues. The programmed answer on WhatsApp is now accessible through outsider applications made for this reason, which work by those who intend to send customized welcoming messages. How about we see which applications send programmed messages on iOS and Android?

How To Send Automatic Replies On WhatsApp With iPhone

Sending automatic replies on WhatsApp is slightly more complicated for iPhone owners, as iOS devices are notoriously more closed and security conscious than Android devices. In the event that, from one perspective, this is a positive viewpoint, likewise in the illumination of the consistently expanding number of information burglaries among web clients, it winds up punishing the proprietors of the «iPhone by», who appreciate quite less opportunity of customization.

Currently, no authority applications are accessible for sending programmed answers on WhatsApp: the main option is to depend on an escape technique, which is muddled and compromises the iPhone’s guarantee, by downloading WAAutoReply. On the other hand, it is feasible to program a programmed SMS answer and warn your contacts of the inconceivability of sending messages through WhatsApp. 

To do this, open the settings, select “Do Not Disturb”, click on the item “Automatically reply to…” and then choose “All contacts”. It will be possible to write a personalized message in which, if desired, one can explain why it is not possible to be contacted on WhatsApp at that moment. With the option enabled, a notice will be sent to contacts who call or text the number.

How To Send Automatic Replies On WhatsApp With Android

Android, unlike iOS, offers much more freedom and customization to its users, including several useful apps to send an automatic reply on WhatsApp within the Play Store. One of these is AutoResponder for Whatsapp, allowing you to take advantage of the desired function, almost like an answering machine via messages. Using it is very simple: through the app, you can set many messages that will provide automatic replies depending on the type of message received. 

To a “good morning”, you can set a response as “good morning to you”, with certain responses only being sent to some contacts. AutoResponder can read preview notifications of messages received on WhatsApp and then activate the auto-reply thanks to intelligent reading. Alternatively, it is also possible to download Auto Reply For WhatsApp, which follows the instructions given by users and automatically manages conversations on WhatsApp through automatic replies, setting the time to send a message and the response to choose for a specific contact.

How To Send Automatic Replies On WhatsApp Business

If you want to use something other than third-party applications, the only solution is to download and use the professional version of WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business. This has recently added a useful function designed to reply to messages automatically. We are talking about “Absence messages” and, in a very similar way to what company PCs have been doing for years with the away message in Windows, it allows you to create automatic messages which can then be sent in response to all recipients, or to some selected contacts, in a fixed period.

How To Activate The “Absent Messages” Function In WhatsApp Business 

  1. Open the “WhatsApp” application ;
  2. Click on “Settings “;
  3. Initiate “Send away message “;
  4. Fill in the message to be sent naturally and affirm with « alright »;
  5. In « Hours », you can choose whether to utilize the programmed answer « Consistently » in a « Custom hours » or « Outside opening times »;
  6. In “Beneficiaries “, pick whether to involve the programmed answer for “Everybody “, “Everybody not in the location book “, “Everybody except… “or then again “Send just to … “then, at that point, set which contacts;
  7. Proceed “Save “.

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