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VoIP Calls: Offers For Free Calls

VoIP stands for Voice over IP. With this abbreviation, we refer to those technologies that allow you to make voice calls not using the traditional telephone line but rather your  Internet connection. It is an expanding market that takes advantage of the constant improvement of home networks to offer national and international conversations at very low prices and with excellent general call quality.

Technically with VoIP, we mean all the calls with networks dedicated to packet switching that use the IP protocol (for example, an internal LAN, as happens for some companies), but by far, the most widespread solution in the home environment is the one that refers to the Internet. Among the advantages of VoIP, there is certainly the lower cost per call, especially for international calls, the possibility of using pre-existing infrastructures without further interventions (it is enough to have an IP network and no other devices are required), new functions such as video calls, the possibility of recording voice messages, multiple conversations, etc.

How Can I Subscribe To VoIP Services?

There are various ways for users to call with VoIP. In principle, it is appropriate to distinguish between two distinct solutions. The first option involves a  peer-to-peer system. In practice, a user can call another user, and the call will be managed by the same application, which must therefore be installed on both users’ devices. To make this call, the user must be connected to the Internet. Likewise, to record and answer the incoming call, the recipient must be connected to the Internet, have installed the app, and have signed up for the VoIP service.

By now, many applications support this type of call which, via the Internet, allows two users to get in touch regardless of where they are. Applications such as  Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger, and  Viber use this feature to connect users through calls and video calls. To make the call, both users must be connected to the Internet, have installed the same application to manage the call, and have completed the registration.

Also, there is the possibility of calling a normal telephone number  (landline or mobile, national or international) with VoIP. This solution is very advantageous as it allows calls abroad to be made without dealing with the high costs of this type of call. The user making the call must be connected to the Internet. In contrast, the user who receives it will register the incoming call directly on his telephone number (landline or mobile) and will not be bound to use a specific application.

There are a large number of applications that allow you to make VoIP calls to a phone number. Among the best-known are  Skype and  Viber, available as apps for mobile devices and PCs. Users of these services can make calls to telephone numbers worldwide with a pay-as-you-go rate (to call, you need to top up your phone credit, similar to what happens with rechargeable SIMs with pay-as-you-go rates) or activate prepaid options with a certain bundle of minutes included each month.

Why Choose VoIP For Your Phone Calls?

At this point, is an ADSL + telephone or VoIP offer more convenient for your phone calls? An ADSL or broadband connection is still essential, and today, most Internet offers also include calls; several advantages and disadvantages are inherent in VoIP to consider carefully.

  1. First, VoIP is especially convenient if you make many calls over long distances, particularly to foreign countries. In these cases, the cost is negligible compared to a normal telephone subscription. The possibility of taking advantage of consumption rates with very advantageous costs or packages with a bundle of minutes per month at a reduced price represents a significant advantage for many users. Savings can reach several tens of euros per month in case of intense use.
  2. Users who have to call abroad for work will benefit from this type of call. Similarly, VoIP calls are an excellent solution for getting in touch with relatives and friends residing in other countries who, unlike what happened a few years ago, can now be reached easily. In this way, it is possible to call, taking advantage of the potential of the Internet, at very low costs.
  3. Another great advantage of VoIP phone calls is convenience, especially if you have a home Internet line without a phone and don’t intend to install it: all you need to start communicating immediately is a router and a VoIP phone without further infrastructure. VoIP also allows you to make fluid and good-quality video calls (naturally if the bandwidth allows). It is a more secure protocol for those who care about their privacy than the standard telephone one.

VoIP Offers 

The VoIP sector of  VoIP offers very rich. Various solutions are available to users to focus on taking advantage of the Internet to make calls. Based on your needs, it will be possible to activate packages with minutes included at a low price or tariffs at a reduced price to call all numbers abroad. For users interested in VoIP calls, apps such as Viber and Skype offer solutions that can be easily activated from your smartphone. Also noteworthy is the possibility of focusing on offers from providers such as Ehiweb and VoIParlate, which offer a rich list of offers designed for those using the Internet to make calls.

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