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Telegram For Business: This Is How We Use Messenger For Company

How can companies use Telegram? What are the options? Our article provides you with essential tips and use cases.

Telegram Is Popular

It doesn’t always have to be WhatsApp. Alternatives are growing in popularity. One Messenger that is seeing strong growth is Telegram. Over 500 million people worldwide have installed the app, around 8 million of them. Anyway, Telegram Bot is a great application compared to other messenger apps. It’s elementary to use and has a simple API.

Use Cases: How To Use Telegram For Your Business

The increasing number of users also makes Telegram interesting for companies. Here are a few examples of how the alternative Messenger can be integrated into your business. The first step to using Telegram is to download the app. You can find them on Apple’s App Store or Google Play, depending on the device you’re using. After that, all you have to do is register with your phone number, and you’re good to go!

Customer Inquiries

The corona pandemic, in particular, has shown that customer care should be done digitally as far as possible these days. You can deal with inquiries and queries quickly via a Telegram chat – theoretically 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. If you want it and can afford it.

Purchasing Advice

Exercise book A or exercise book B – which is better for the 2nd grade? What hairstyle is trending right now? Does the blue top go with the red skirt? You can advise your customers very well via Telegram. It would help if you answered as quickly and competently as possible. This is especially true if you link your Telegram chat to an online shop, where customers are particularly impatient. Telegram is a great way to manage HR automation


When is your store open? When are there free appointments for a haircut? When can a handyperson fix the sink? Use Telegram for your business to make appointments.

Telegram Newsletters

A strength of Telegram is its channel feature. A channel is a type of newsletter stream. Anyone who subscribes to the track gets the information, but only you can post.


Another feature that makes Telegram stand out are the groups. These work like groups on Facebook: An administrator and the members. Anyone can post and comment, but the admin manages everything. Among other things, he can delete inappropriate posts or block members. Use the group function to get feedback. For example, you ask your customers what dishes you want your restaurant to offer this week. Or you ask how satisfied the customers are with your service.


The popular WhatsApp alternative can also be used for recruiting. Offer applicants the opportunity to contact you or your company via Messenger. You’ll see that this goes down very well with young people in particular since such an application process eliminates time-consuming points such as writing a letter of motivation.


Telegram has one more strength you should be aware of: the ability to use chatbots. Chatbots automate and speed up many processes, such as answering frequently asked questions.

Strengths Of Telegram Business

  1. Privacy: you can join a group without entering your phone number simply via a link. Given greater confidentiality, there is also the possibility of creating secret chats and setting up self-destruction!
  2. Size: Each group can contain up to 20 thousand users!
  3. way: the channel administrator is the only one who can publish content. The advantage? To share information and video pills with a target of online customers interested in the services offered.
  4. Quantity: Telegram Business is also useful for transmitting up to 1.5 Giga.
  5. Chat Bot: ability to set up quick answers for any customer questions.

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