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Spotify, The Settings To Change To Hear The Music Better

Making the most of a general service such as Spotify is crucial for obtaining a high-level listening experience: here is what settings to intervene on. Spotify is one of the most used music streaming apps – and recently also podcasts – globally. In some areas of the planet, it is even the most used of all. Knowing how to steer such a powerful tool and, above all, use it is essential to get the best streaming listening experience possible. So here’s what to do to hear streaming music on Spotify better.

The Volume Range On Spotify

How to adjust the volume of streaming music is trivial: press the volume up or volume down buttons on the side of any smartphone, Android or iPhone, to change the “noise” produced by the music. Music or a podcast, however, in the era of music streaming, can be played anywhere and above all in any circumstance, from the quietest to the noisiest environments. And not everyone knows that Spotify can adjust the volume of the content being played within a range independent of the level set through the phone keys: those who often listen in noisy environments such as a subway may need an average volume higher. 

On the contrary, a student concentrating on classical music in a silent background such as a library will tend in the opposite direction. Spotify has a unique adjustment that makes it easier to reach the optimum. Just open the app, tap the gear at the top right, select Playback, and locate Volume Level. Three options are available: High, Normal or Low, with the same app warning that “Very high volume can adversely affect audio quality. Normal or Low modes do not affect audio quality.”

Adjust The Equalizer On Spotify

Those who listen to jazz, podcasts, or classical music, to take the example given above, not only usually dislike dominant bass frequencies but may also find them annoying. On the other hand, those who often listen to electronic or hip hop music may prefer a listening curve that is less leaning towards the high frequencies. It is a matter of tastes, needs, and preferences, different for each user, to which Spotify offers an ad hoc solution. 

The Equalizer integrated into the app is a tool that allows you to sew the listening experience on yourself like a tailored suit. And it doesn’t matter if you weren’t a sound engineer and didn’t even aspire to be one because Spotify has developed pre-packaged presets to provide audio and frequency adjustment to those who don’t want or have the skills to build it themselves. Open the Spotify app, tap the gear at the top right, select Playback, and then Equalizer. 

On this page, you have two possibilities: manually adjust the individual groups of frequencies in the six-point graph of the upper portion – where on the left there are the low frequencies, in the center the medium ones, and on the right the high ones – or choose one of the many predefined adjustments proposed in the lower section based on the genre of the content you listen to most frequently. And you can indulge yourself with attempts, even manual: by touching the Flat item in the list below, the Spotify equalizer returns flat, therefore to the default setting.

Adjust The Streaming Quality On Spotify

Spotify also allows the user to determine the music streaming quality. The application provides four different options, twelve in total if you consider the possibility of defining a certain quality level of the streaming depending on whether you are connected via the cellular data network or to a Wi-Fi network, and the settings relating to the songs saved in memory. 

The setting is handy both for those who had a particularly stingy “Giga” phone plan or a device without too much storage space, as for those who could appreciate the highest listening quality thanks to a target medium capable of reproducing even the most minor details, for example, a pair of very high-quality headphones or a Hi-Fi system worth hundreds or thousands of euros. To adjust Spotify streaming quality, open the app, tap the gear at the top right, select the Audio quality item and select the item you prefer in the Wi-Fi Streaming, Cellular Streaming, and Download submenus. 

The default setting for the first two is Automatic, which adjusts the sound stream based on bandwidth. In other words, the excellent quality is based on your Internet connection speed, while for the third, it is Normal. On the other hand, those wishing to intervene on the quality of the downloaded songs can select one of the three items: Low, Normal, or High, depending on the amount of data you want to use. The Downloads submenu consists of four options: Low, Normal, High, and Very High, for Spotify Premium subscribers.

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