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SEO For The Metaverse: The New Content Marketing Strategies

The universe of advertisers opens up to a significant oddity: the VEO, enhancing the virtual climate. That the delicate and experienceable truth isn’t restricted to what we have around us is a reality. Moving between the potential other options, expanded reality and augmented reality, we experience epochal changes that will change if they have not previously done as such, our discernments and our propensities. The parallel worlds offered by VR and AR have crossed the boundaries of pure entertainment to land in enterprises. Thanks to the Covid 19 pandemic, the commerce sector is dedicated to online.

Everything hinges on visual research, which is the key to attracting users of the Metaverse. If, until now, marketers everywhere have spent themselves in brilliant strategies to be found on search engines, they will have to change course to be found in the Metaverse. How will SEO change for the Metaverse? What will happen to SEO? Should we talk about Metaverse Optimization? Let’s find out together.

How SEO Will Change For The Metaverse: Millennials And Gen Z Leading A Revolution

To understand the new web (or metaverse) marketing strategies, it is necessary to focus quickly on the evolution of consumption and users. As we just said, several indicators herald the bright future of online (and virtual) shopping. The targets will become younger and younger as the fringes of Millennials and Gen Z, bearers of innovation and new needs, inexorably advance. The Gen Z Group is the spokesperson for a real turning point. It is a “new generation of consumers” who, having grown up in a thriving world of technology, chase trends and leave room for opportunities and innovations by not guaranteeing their brand loyalty. 

Virtual Environment Optimization (VEO)

VR and AR, therefore, have a significant impact in every field: it is not wrong to say that shopping and eCommerce are the areas of greatest reverberation. Because the new ranks of consumers, Millennials or GenZ, want to immerse themselves in an online shopping experience. Nothing is more persuasive than trying on clothes and shoes online, like in the case of Nike’s VR world. In this context of innovation, marketers are called upon to keep up with the future of VR commerce. And if SEO was once the undisputed queen of positioning and marketing strategies, today, the world opens up to an impressive novelty: the VEO, the optimization of the virtual environment.

Evolution Of SEO

And those involved in SEO should neither be surprised nor frightened by the evolutions that search optimization will undergo shortly after. In fact, for some time now, Big G has accustomed us to rethinking positioning strategies with Hummingbird, one of the complete revisions of Google’s main algorithm. Since this latest update, the Mountain View Company has influenced how its search engine selects the most relevant articles, using semantic Search and the Knowledge Graph. 

In 2015 Bloomberg published the first of a series of interesting articles explaining how Google had changed the formula by which it calculated the relevant sites to appear at the top of its search engine based on artificial intelligence. This is thanks to a new algorithm that today we all – or almost – know as RankBrain. It is a system of “semantic filters” based on artificial intelligence capable of learning automatically, which is used by Google to refine search results.

Vocal Search Between VSO And VEO

Vocal Search also represented an important milestone thanks to the advent of Alexa, Cortana, Siri and Google Assistant. And marketers have developed techniques of VSO, which stands for  Voice Search Optimization, and VEO, which stands for  Vocal Engine Optimization, which indicate speech engine optimization strategies. The aim is to offer people the best conversational experience and to allow web pages and content to position themselves in the so-called VERSO.

The VERSO,  Vocal Engine Result Search Output, are the results offered by the Voice Search devices and correspond to the SERPs for searches typed on search engines. The goal of Vocal Search optimization strategies is to intercept qualified traffic and a more or less conscious question depending on the funnel stage in which the person is. This is how Vocal Search fosters contact with the brand and conversions. So what will change in the Metaverse scenario? How will SEO change for the Metaverse? Perhaps the solutions are already at hand. Indeed, of voice.

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