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Basic Pokecord Commands Guide In 2024

Pokecord commands – When players are playing a game, players can use Discord to communicate with other players. Playing games in-server and challenging other users for a reward using Discord bots is possible. Players can trade, fight, and gather Pokemon with this bot. There is no need for Pokemon balls since Pokecord uses Discord channels to produce Pokemon randomly. Pokecord is a Discord bot that lets players trade, fight, and gather Pokemon. It is free to use. Bolts will generate Pokemon in a Discord channel at random instead of Poke Balls. There is no mention of the Pokemon’s Name in this illustration. Pokecord Commands for such a bot will compile here for convenience.

Note – Several instructions, like <Pokemon Number>, can be found here. Players can retrieve this Pokemon Number by using the p! pokemon – name <Pokemon Name> command to search for the Pokemon players are looking for.

Know About Pokecord

Discord bot Pokecord enabled users to battle, acquire, and trade Pokemon with each other. As an alternative to Poke Balls, a bot would randomly generate a Pokemon in a collaborating Discord chat. Players must label the Pokemon as quickly as possible after viewing the photo. It will give Pokemon to those that complete the task swiftly.

Pokemon trading, battles, and collection were all part of the fun on Pokecord, which is among the most active Discord Bots. Instead of tossing Poke Balls, a bolt would randomly generate a Pokemon on a communication system in a collaborating Discord. It reveals a picture of a Pokemon but still no name. It is on to players to react with the proper Name promptly.

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Did Pokecord Decide To Discontinue Activities?

Pokecord allows players to communicate and play games with each other in real-time. It is, therefore, no wonder that this service grew popular rather rapidly – too swiftly for Miles at least! After closing down Pokecord, he said on Twitter that he was moving on to other projects since he did not want any more stress. That feeling of impending doom set in as soon as customer service failed to address our questions and worries about what was occurring.

The Best Place To Play Pokecord?

After receiving the announcement of this Pokecord termination, many people were dissatisfied. Even if one path is closed, alternative routes exist to get to the destination. Pokecord is allowed on specific discord servers, so the interaction will be the same as before! Alternatively, players can join the official Pokecord Discord server, or players can use the bot to set up their private server.

Pokecord Commands: How Do Players Use It?

To utilize Pokecord on the discord server, browse to the player’s list of something like the server. Using the command “p! start” on a server, players can choose the initial Pokemon. Players will be able to start capturing Pokemon as a result of this.

Pokecord Commands In One Place

There are not many noteworthy commands on the official Pokecord Commands list. Always replace the (Pokemon) command with the quantity of Pokemon, even without parentheses. At the moment, PokeCord does not have an order for Pokemon. Any Poke cord command on the server is default prefixed with “p!”. We can not wait to share the whole set of Pokecord commands with the world. Players will be capable of accessing them anytime players want as of right now! Some servers can have seen a change, but we will use the instructions listed here. Folks must replace all commands in angle brackets with the information given between the frames.

Note – Players can notice “Pokemon number” in the list of instructions. Please change it to the number of Pokemon players you want.

Pokecord Commands for Beginners

Users must replace anything in angle brackets in a Pokecord command with the information specified between the frames. Throughout these instructions, players will encounter the word “referred.” Using any of the codes provided in this post will result in success. It is an excellent idea to copy and redeem these.

  • P! start Command – As soon as players press the p! start button, the game begins. Before players can capture any Pokemon, players must first execute this command.
  • P! pick Command – To choose a beginning Pokemon, type p! like once players enter the game. Players can start with any of the starters from any generation.
  • P! help Command – Send players a direct message with a list of alternatives that players can read about. Folks must enter the command in a Pokecord-supported Discord channel, not in a letter to the bot.

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Pokemon Commands

We will provide a complete set of Pokemon Pokecord commands on this page. Please let us know if any of the codes do not work in the comments section, and we’ll get on it as fast as we can!

  • p! catch <Pokemon Name> Command – Use to acquire the correct Name of a spawning wild Pokemon.
  • p! hint Command – players can get a sense of the produced Pokemon’s location
  • p! select <Pokemon Number> Command – This option will inform players which Pokemon players can converse with and which players can fight for XP.
  • p! like Command – It will automatically choose the most recently captured Pokemon if players type in p! select latest.
  • p! info Command – This command displays detailed information about the Pokemon players picked.
  • p! info latest Command – For the most current information about the Pokemon players captured.
  • p! info <Pokemon Name> Command – If players want to know the stats of a Pokemon.
  • p! info shiny < Pokemon> Command – Besides its standard numbers, it depicts a shiny variant of a Pokemon that will enhance.
  • P! info <Pokemon Number> Command – This provides the Pokemon tied to this Number with its information.
  • p! pokemon Command – If players want to know what the Pokemon’s levels are.
  • p! pokemon – name <Pokemon Name> Command – It shows a listing of Pokemon that players possess by their terms.
  • p! Pokemon – shiny Command – It displays all of the shiny Pokemon when players type this command into the search bar.
  • p! Pokedex Command – There is a tally of how many Pokemon players have in the Pokédex shown on the screen.
  • p! Pokedex –unowned Command – All the Pokemon players see are those that players should try to capture.
  • p! nickname <nickname> Command –This command will give the chosen Pokemon a handle.
  • p! drop item Command – It gives up the item the Pokemon is now holding.

All-Inclusive Commands For The Pokemon Cord

There can be times while playing pokecord when players need to use a few more commands. This collection of Pokecord orders will use as needed. By default, none of the instructions can follow. Instead, Folks can only access these instructions by putting them into the chat box as a phrase and connecting them to a key with the command.

Pokemon Bots For Everyone Else!

The Pokemon bots we tested using Discord took a lot of my time. Since we like to write about things only after thoroughly testing them, we published an article summarizing my findings.

  • Pokétwo
  • PokéMeow
  • PokéRealm


Any Pokecord instructions that do not function should be copied and pasted into the text box below. Whenever tweaks or changes are needed in the game, we will thoroughly review them. Enjoy themself while players are at it! Players can use these Pokecord commands on Discord for various applications. A summary of each command’s purpose will provide. Please let us know if there are more helpful commands we will overlook in the comments area below.

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