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Optimize Your Webshop With The Invision Template

The first impression counts! In the first few seconds, the customer decides whether they want to stay on your site or whether they want to look around on another website. Therefore, optimize the design of your webshop and increase your sales. Lightspeed works with many partners who are true pioneers in themes and apps. One of the most popular templates is Invision. Envision was specially developed to increase the sales of webshops. The focus is on a mobile-first design and fast page load time, which leads to an increase in sales. As a result, this template gets the maximum out of your webshop.

Your Template Is The Key To Success

For you, your webshop is, of course, an essential tool for generating sales—the user experience and the conversion stand and fall with the right design. Everything revolves around increasing the trust of your visitors in the webshop. This trust can be ideally built up through many (design) aspects. The Invision template provides you with the right tools to optimize your Lightspeed online shop and offer your visitors the best experience. 

With unique features such as Shop the Look, shopping cart preview and measurement charts, you can get the most out of your webshop. The template offers enough space on each page for all important USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) of your products. In addition, with the mobile-first design, you achieve responsive playback of incomparably high quality. Who needs an app on the phone when the mobile layout is at least as good and fast – if not better? Would you like to know how Invision can take your webshop to the next level? Here you will first find the practical and unique features,

Practical Features For A Faster Sale

Your Main Highlights

One of the main features of the Invision template is the frequently recurring USPs. These briefly explain to the customer why he should buy from you. Here you can highlight factors that differentiate you from the competition, such as shipping costs and delivery times. This may also include seals of approval or guarantees. The USPs keep popping up, even in the shopping cart and Quick Shop.

Function: Sticky Cart ( Scrolling Shopping Cart)

You are probably familiar with this situation: you scroll down a page, see a product that you like at the beginning, and put it in your shopping cart. But first, you look at the page to the end. Now no other product convinces you, and you would like to click on your shopping cart to complete the purchase. But now, you have to scroll and scroll and scroll until you get back to the beginning of the product overview to be able to click on your shopping cart. Nothing is as annoying as that. Older shops in particular often do not have a fixed menu in the upper area of ​​the shop. 

Therefore, an important feature is the so-called “sticky cart function”.Especially on mobile devices, nothing is more annoying than having to keep scrolling to the shopping cart button. With Invision, you can create an individual, create a scrolling shopping cart. This is how you improve the customer experience and ultimately increase your sales. To achieve an individual result, numerous configuration options are available. These range from adjusting the positioning and color to selecting which elements should all be displayed in the scrolling element. 

  1. Increase purchases with a scrolling shopping cart
  2. A cart can be positioned above or below
  3. Design can be completely customized
  4. Mobile optimized

Quick Shop

Shop quickly and easily – what more could you ask for?! The Invision Quickshop module allows you to get product details without leaving the current page. This allows your customers to keep their current position and easily switch from product to product. Customers can quickly and easily get an overview of the products on offer and quickly find what they are looking for. This improves the user experience, increases the visitor’s trust and thus the conversion rate.

Offer Different Variants And Sizes

To optimize your webshop perfectly, selecting the products on offer is also important. Do you have a fashion shop? Then, instead of a confusing drop-down menu, you would like a clear overview of all the variants and product options on offer, wouldn’t you? Which option you ultimately choose is entirely up to you. Envision offers both variants. In addition, the sizes/models that are not available are automatically crossed out.

Offers Free Shipping

Do you offer free shipping above a certain amount? With the Invision template, the customer can see immediately what amount is still missing until free shipping. The items in the shopping cart add up and automatically calculate the amount still missing until free shipping. This increases the chance of customers adding one or more items to their shopping cart and completing the purchase (upselling). 

Optimize Your Webshop With Unique Features

The “Shop The Look” Function

Many fashion shops want the “Shop the Look” function. But what does “Shop the Look” mean? Put, Shop the Look allows you to create entire outfits for your customers. This inspires customers and helps them see your products in action. Practical and creative. They can also add multiple items to their shopping cart with a single click. Your customers are happy that they have found new, coordinated outfits, and you have sold several items directly with this function. With the Shop the Look function, you increase your up-and cross-selling, increasing your sales. 

Daily Deals

Customers love offers. With the Invision template, you can create daily, weekly or monthly offers. If you only want to offer products at a lower price for a certain amount of time, you can easily create a countdown timer with Invision. This will be linked to your products. Has the timer expired? Then you can decide whether the product should continue to be offered or not. Such offers are perfect for selling last season’s collections, for example.

Cart Preview

An essential aspect of optimizing your webshop is the shopping cart. With its function for saving products, the shopping cart represents a significant simplification and an improvement in the user-friendliness of your shop. Your visitors can place products in the shopping cart with one click. A shopping cart preview enables your users to check whether their order is complete before completing the purchase and remove any unwanted items.

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