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iPhone, How To Fix Audio Problems

The iPhone does not hear when it rings, or notifications arrive on the screen? It could be a settings problem but not only: here’s how to find out. Is the sound of your iPhone too quiet, causing difficulty in hearing the ringtone when a call comes in, notifications of messages, applications or alarms? Don’t worry: this is a problem encountered by many Bitten Apple mobile phone users, especially on iPhone X or earlier models. Fortunately, there are several solutions to overcome this annoying problem.

iPhone, Ringtone And Alerts Too Low

If the issue of low volume concerns the ringtone and alerts, there are several ways you can act to fine-tune your device. First of all, however, it is essential to check that the phone is not set to Silent mode; to do this, carry out a quick visual check on the left side of the screen. A sliding key allows you to mute the phone to receive calls, messages and notifications; if activated, you can see a thin red line next to the button. 

In this case, you slide in that direction to deactivate the feature and start listening to your chosen ringtones again. Nothing “silent”? There is still a further check to be done, this time within the settings of your iPhone; that’s where the problem sometimes lies. You can go to Settings> Sounds and Haptic Feedback and locate the control in the “Ring and Alerts” section. By moving the slider, the phone plays the music clip selected by the user (or base, if it has never been edited) at the volume you just set. 

Attention, however: even in the case of Silent mode activated, it is possible to hear the call tone; therefore, it is better to always check before proceeding. Another detail that should not be underestimated is “emergency contacts “. These contacts are not made silent in case of calls, even in the presence of the mode above and in the “Rest” or “Do not disturb” mode. All the more reason to assign these privileges to people you fully trust.

iPhone, Low Overall Volume

As with many other smartphones, even those of the bitten Apple allows you to control the general volume through the keys on the side body of the device. With them, you can adjust the sound of active calls, listen to music and much more. The only exception is the deactivation of the “Edit with keys “control, again in the “Ringtone and alerts” section; if the selector is off, it will not be possible to use the two buttons for this function.

When one of the buttons is pressed, the iPhone displays a slider on the screen with a specific icon: a speaker in the case of general volume, the Bluetooth symbol if a device connected via this protocol, such as headphones or external amplifiers, is currently paired and active. . This is useful always to have feedback on what is being adjusted, thus avoiding any incorrect changes.

iPhone, Call Volume Too Low

As anticipated, during a phone call, it is possible to adjust the volume of the iPhone by pressing the dedicated side keys. If, when pressed, the slider on display shows the cursor positioned at the extreme right of the indicator, it means that the maximum sound level has been reached, and it is not possible to proceed further. If so, there is another attempt to make: it is possible to rely on the speakerphone of the mobile phone. 

Doing so is simple: while you are speaking, move the phone away from your ear and tap on the “Audio” icon in the last place to the right of the first row of symbols on the interface “; to stop listening through the phone speaker, a further tap on it is for us. In the event of headphones connected via Bluetooth, tapping on the icon will allow you to select “iPhone” (i.e. the phone in use) or the earphones themselves recognizable through the presence of the model name (or any other name set by the ‘user). 

To adjust the sound, even here, the two side buttons are helpful, increasing or decreasing the sound level. Additional help can come from using AirPods or Beats earphones. Compared to the others, they have even more precise management menus available. They allow you to fine-tune the bass sound more accurately by using particular settings in the “Accessibility” section. Reachable from the Settings> Accessibility> Hearing Aids path, they allow you to adjust the management of noise, the tone of the sound in calls and much more for better use of the device. 

Purely the MFI accessories, acoustic instruments “Made for iPhone” may be associated with the same section for use during calls (others, however, can do the pairing in the menu Bluetooth in “General”). To initiate or answer a call directly with compatible hearing aids, again from Settings, you can select the chosen device from Accessibility> Touch> Call routing, also deciding whether to answer phone calls automatically or not.

iPhone, Low Volume Due To Hardware Problems

Despite all the necessary checks, the general volume is still low or even insufficient? The question may hide some flaw at the hardware level, grain to be faced in a completely different way than what has been attempted so far by adjusting the mobile phone settings. Two physical elements of the phone cause this situation: the speakers or the display. The slot dedicated to the diffusion of sound could be so dirty that it requires careful cleaning.

If the housing appears unobstructed, there may be component-generated audio problems that may need professional replacement. Some damage to the screen can also adversely affect the sound quality; a sudden but violent fall can cause breakages which, over time, make audio reproduction more and more critical. Better check before it’s too late.

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