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Integrate WhatsApp Business With Your Marketing Strategies

Using the best and most current marketing strategies is becoming increasingly essential for companies. The economic scenario is always uncertain, so you need to boost your business to be truly competitive in the global market. One of the latest trends is using a messaging service to bring the company closer to its customers. More and more, customers need to know what is behind a brand; they want to be able to trust them, and they want to solve their problems and satisfy their needs quickly, wherever they are.

Marketing Strategies That Bring The Customer Closer To The Company

The marketing strategies that bring the customer closer to the company are currently the most effective; you can contact a team of professionals to choose the most suitable for your company. If we talk about traditional advertising, undoubtedly the ones we are used to seeing on TV, where the entrepreneur himself talks about his company, are very successful.

The use of a brand ambassador is also appreciated, such as the employees of the Star company who prepare for “the whole family” (understood just like the Star family, and thus make the customer feel part of the company itself). But what brings customers closer to companies today is, above all, a direct and continuous dialogue. Companies that constantly engage with and respond to customer needs and questions are the ones that will be increasingly successful in the future. 

By dialogue with the customer, however, you don’t have to mean just sending advertising messages or answering FAQs, but a simple messaging service made available to users. Today we need quick answers; nobody likes waiting; therefore, if I have to buy a product or service and I need more information, I need to receive it quickly.

WhatsApp Business, Use It For Marketing

To offer the customer the opportunity to communicate with the company, many software can handle customer questions and company information. However, this is only sometimes the best choice, especially when discussing a small company or a startup that has just started. Then it would help if you were clear about your target. However, it is unnecessary to make large investments because instant messaging services such as Messenger and WhatsApp Business are currently available, which still allow you to obtain excellent results if integrated with a good marketing strategy. 

In particular, I want to tell you about WhatsApp Business because it is a very recent service that already promises very well. Everyone now knows WhatsApp; they know how it works and have been using it for some time. Here, imagine the same service aimed at companies, therefore modulated on the needs and marketing activities. It is, therefore, an excellent marketing strategy and an effective way to digitize the company, at least regarding the sector of communication with customers. 

This app was developed about a year ago, and for the moment, it can only be used by those with Android as their operating system. The only limitation of the application is that considering this is the most used operating system, there are no big stakes. Downloads have come to exceed 10 million, an important figure if you consider that, for now, the application is only available for some countries: Italy, the USA, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Indonesia. But if we want to continue talking about numbers, an impressive figure is that of monthly active users: 1 billion and 500 thousand.

How To Use WhatsApp Business

Creating your company profile is very simple. The application, just like the non-business messaging one, is intuitive. In the case of the business version, however, you can also enter the company address, opening hours, email address, and even the website. The application can therefore be used for various purposes, from the simple sending of welcome messages, with selectable users, to warning messages, such as changes in opening hours. 

For the most frequently asked questions, you can set up a set of quick answers that will be set according to your needs. Another interesting aspect of this app is that it can catalog contacts and chats with labels of different colors; up to 20 can be created. What results can be achieved with WhatsApp Business? They are different depending on the objectives, of course. The main advantage is that it allows you to respond quickly to your contacts, making the company much more human.

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