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How To Subscribe To Facebook And Instagram Without Advertising

As of late, Meta sent off a membership administration on Facebook and Instagram to which you can join to never again see publicizing on the stages and not to give the organization the option to involve your information in a promotion. How about I enact the membership and drop it later?

To profit from the membership, paying a total that fluctuates in light of the enlistment technique (with an application or from the Internet) and the quantity of associated Meta profiles is vital. 9.99 euros assuming clients join from the Internet and 12.99 euros on the off chance they join from the applications.

How To Subscribe To Facebook And Instagram Without Ads From The App

Subscribing to Facebook without advertising from the app is very simple, whether you use the one for Android or iOS. In this case, the only substantial difference to consider is the payment method: with Android, the one associated with the Google Play Store will be used, while for iOS, the one linked to the Apple ID. Members who log in to Facebook and Instagram from the app for the first time these days will be surprised by a new screen on their homepage. 

This will ask them if they want to proceed with the new Meta subscription or if they want to continue using the free version. The screen cannot be ignored in any way; users must choose whether to subscribe to the service by pressing “Subscribe “or proceed with the free version by selecting “Use without additional costs “. If they choose this second option, they will be obliged to accept that their data will be used for marketing purposes. Otherwise, they will have to press “Continue” after reading the interface, which summarizes the costs of the operation already mentioned, then “Continue for payment”, and finally “Subscribe “to finalize the process. 

In the case of second thoughts, however, it will be possible to go back with the appropriate arrows and change your choices. If a user initially decided not to subscribe to the service but then changed his mind, he can proceed at any time through the settings. To do this, you must access the platform from the app, press on the symbol with the three horizontal lines at the top right, first select the “Settings and Privacy” item, and then “Settings “. At this point, you need to access the “Account Management Center” section visible at the top, then the “Advertising Preferences” section, and finally the “No Additional Costs with Ads” section. 

Now, all left to do is select “Subscribe for ad-free use” and follow the instructions until you pay. Suppose the price is higher than expected due to multiple accounts connected to the same Meta Account simultaneously. In that case, it is also possible to disconnect one of them and thus reduce the price of the registration fee. To do this, go to the bottom of the same page, “Account Management Center,” press on “Account,” and remove the unwanted one. This, it must be remembered, will not lead to the deletion of the account but only a temporary and reversible dissociation. 

The subscription can also be subscribed to with the Instagram app, following a method similar to the one already mentioned. First, you must access your profile and move to your section. Here, by pressing on the menu at the top right with the three horizontal lines, a second one will open (a drop-down menu) containing the “Settings and Privacy” section. You will find the “Account Management Center” section, which you need to click on.  Finally, within this last section, you will have to press “Subscribe for use without ads” and carry out the guided procedure, which will end with the payment and activation of the service.

How To Subscribe To Facebook And Instagram Without Advertising On The Web

The method used on web platforms to subscribe to avoid advertising on Facebook and Instagram is very similar to that for apps already explained in the previous paragraph. On this occasion, upon first access, a screen similar to the one visible from the apps will appear on both platforms. Once displayed, users can choose whether to continue with the accessible mode or subscribe.

If they choose the latter option, they must follow the procedure and select a specific payment method (credit or debit card) to complete the transaction and consequent activation of the service. Regarding signing up for the subscription later than the Facebook and Instagram homepage notice, the method remains the same compared to the one explained for the apps. Given its importance, the costs are the only thing essential to underline. As already explained, if you choose to sign up via the Web, the price will be lower than that of the app.

How To Cancel Your Facebook And Instagram Subscriptions Without Ads

To cancel your subscription to Facebook and Instagram without advertising, you need to access, both from the app and from the Web, the Meta “Account Management Center “, which, as already explained, is located in the “Settings” section. Once you have found the right section, you need to go to the “Preferences relating to ads” section and then to the one responsible for making your choice, where, at this point, you will have to go through the second item, i.e., “Subscribers for use without ads,”, to the first, “Use at no additional cost with ads”. 

Once the downgrade option is chosen, Meta will return the user’s account to its free status. Finally, it is essential to remember that, to ensure that unexpected expenses are not credited, it is necessary to cancel the subscription at least 24 hours before the date established for payment of the monthly installment.

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