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How To Choose The Right Technology For Your SME

Technology is the fundamental element for the growth of a company. Recent and numerous researches have highlighted the essential role that investments in technological innovation play for the profitability, development, and employment levels of any commercial activity. For this reason, it is crucial to ask yourself how you can choose the right technology for your SME  and get the most out of your business. In this article, we will try to guide you through 3 questions towards the solution to your problems to ensure that the technology you use has the winning characteristics to build your business on a solid and productive basis.

Is The Technology You Use Mobile?

Your business works well if you and your team can use business technology tools anytime. This means that you can easily set them up wherever you are and make collaborating with your team more accessible and functional. When mobile technology is employed, it is almost understood that productivity increases. Whether in the office or on the road, you can comfortably manage your business from mobile devices thanks to a not very complex but powerful app. Be sure that your collaborators can do the same without problems.

For example, with a cloud solution, you don’t need to check the software and hardware yourself; you can have access to the software wherever you are and at any time, even if you are not physically present. Your business doesn’t need to rely on expert technicians who take time (and even money!) Away from your company to set up and update apps. Especially if you are a beginner with this type of software, you can start using a flexible, intuitive, and versatile platform, which does not require particular knowledge in the IT field.

Is The Technology You Use Safe?

If you use sticky notes or spreadsheets to keep your contacts, how can you be sure you use a reliable system? The reality is that you can’t be sure because your information and that of your customers can be shared, copied, and withdrawn. Therefore, the right technology for SMBs must be built so that all your data and that of your customers are stored in a secure system.

Have You Thought About Using Artificial Intelligence?

It is often not necessary to work tirelessly; you have to work intelligently. To be competitive and innovative in this fast-paced, data-driven world, you need to be confident that your technology can automate manual processes and automatically drill down into information as you focus on what’s most important, such as driving the relationship with customers.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, you will have the opportunity to assist your customers better, deepen insights, understand the “why” behind each result, and be ready to solve everything that happens to you efficiently. The right technology for the SME needs to perform precisely these functions.


We have just briefly explained to you the main tricks to understand which technology is suitable for the SME  and – as you have noticed – ask yourself a few simple questions to find out if the technological strategy you have adopted is right for your company or not. In the latter case, the first step is to “clean up” obsolete or unreliable systems, reducing, if necessary, those tools that hinder your business. Remember: the right technology for SMEs must be mobile, secure, and (even better) entrusted to the practicality and control of Artificial Intelligence.

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