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How To Advertise An App, Inviting Users To Download

Figure out how to best elevate your application to contact intrigued individuals and increment the number of downloads. With a few million applications accessible in the Apple Store and Google Play Store, clients have endless choices: applications for web-based shopping, diversion, wellbeing, and money. Subsequently, when another application is sent off, taking on a good advertising strategy is fundamental. The objective? Have whatever the number of individuals downloads their application as could be expected under the circumstances. 

Everything begins, really, with the plan of the application. Clients, except if they know the specific name of the application they need to download, permit themselves to be impacted by two viewpoints: appraisals and plans. Put resources into the symbol’s project: the principal thing is seen and should convey what will be inside the application once downloaded. However, what are the best procedures and devices to publicize a new application?

Pay Attention To The App Store Optimization (ASO)

If SEO exists on search engines, ASO exists in app stores. The objective of the ASO is to allow an application to position itself within the store and entice users to click on the icon once identified. The ranking factors that determine the positioning of an application within the Apple App Store are:

  1. first name;
  2. URL;
  3. subtitle;
  4. keyword;
  5. in-app purchases (extra content and subscriptions);
  6. ratings and reviews;
  7. updates;
  8. download.

Inside the Google Play Store, on the other hand, what counts are:

  1. first name;
  2. Description;
  3. the number of users arriving at the application via a backlink;
  4. App Indexing (SEO within the app);
  5. in-app purchases;
  6. ratings and reviews;
  7. updates;
  8. download and engagement.

All these aspects must be considered for your app to be visible. And pay close attention to keywords in the title and description.

Launch A Site With A Blog

Effective marketing for promoting an application includes a good site accompanied by a blog. The web is the first place people go looking for solutions to their problems: whether they’re looking for a tool for shopping, training, entertainment, or expense management, you’re missing out on a large audience if you don’t have visibility on search engines.

Set up an SEO-optimized site, and deepen all the information you could only briefly provide in the app store tab. Include a blog on your site, and regularly publish (at least once a week) articles that may attract users’ interest: demonstrations of the use of the app, but also informative articles of the sector to which the application belongs.

Create A Demonstration Video

Not everyone will understand the advantages of your application by reading a simple description or viewing some screenshots: to show it and to increase downloads. The demonstration video represents an efficient solution. Make a simple 30-second video explaining what your app is, how it works, and what it’s for. Please share it on your website and social media, and don’t forget to add it to the app store listing.

Harness The Power Of Social Media

How to advertise an app, most directly? Using social media! Over 3.5 billion people use social media, which is why being there is essential. To decide which social network to use, first of all, based on the target. If your app is aimed at companies or professionals, sponsor it on Twitter and LinkedIn; if it is aimed at private users, use Facebook and Instagram. Create an ad hoc profile, post regularly, and create Adv campaigns to increase brand awareness and direct users to download.

Encourage Reviews And Testimonials

Once potential users find your app, they may need to convince themselves of its reliability and usefulness. This is where reviews come into play – positive user feedback increases the app’s visibility and improves its rankings. Consumers trust the advice of others, after all: they trust word of mouth, but also (and above all) reviews. Encourage your users to provide their feedback once the app is downloaded.

Don’t Forget About Email Marketing

Although there are many ways to promote a digital product or service, such as an app, email marketing remains the most efficient form of digital marketing: according to several studies, it has the highest ROI (Return On Investment). Once you’ve created a website and blog dedicated to your app, you can complete a sign-up form or use a landing page to collect emails from potential customers. Regularly write relevant articles and send periodic newsletters to update users on your content until they convert by downloading your application. At that point, send a welcome and thank you for an email.

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