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How Personalized Logistics Can Make A Difference For Companies

Since a larger dimension was introduced, logistics is a factor that has been of fundamental strategic importance in trade, both nationally and internationally. If until not long ago transport was only by sea and by land, with the introduction of air transport, things have changed and not a little. An innovation that seems to have taken place long ago but, considering history as a whole, is rather recent. The current era has seen further changes that have changed the mechanisms underlying goods’ distribution and delivery chains. 

Globalization, with the need to have a global and local vision together, and the Digital Economy are the elements that have brought about different conditions, primarily of a logistic nature. Organizing the entry/exit of products in the best possible way for companies with the boom in online businesses is crucial. The most widely adopted solution is to outsource operations. Several realities provide this type of service. One of the most interesting is Quickly logistics, which allows one to obtain a modulated management ad hoc for a single company, making one of the most delicate phases of the production flow easier. 

The reasons that lead more and more companies to outsource are different and are inherent, first of all, to the fact that it is something that requires important and specific skills, even more so when the traffic involves countries outside the borders of the European Union and, therefore, subject to particular customs regulations. Today, adopting tailor-made logistic solutions is essential. Let’s find out why and what the benefits are for developing the company’s core business.

Some Data On Logistics

When it comes to logistics, the numbers speak for themselves and tell of a sector in constant growth that employs many people. 2021 saw the need to implement a transition toward sustainable logistics, so much so that we are already talking about logistics 4.0. A process that has environmental, social, and economic repercussions. 

Therefore, a record turnover of 86 million euros was achieved worldwide, with further growth, compared to 2020, of + 3.5%, mending the tear that occurred during the beginning of the pandemic. The restart was driven by the boom in the e-commerce market, which represented a + 20% for economic subjects. At the same time, e-commerce has changed the needs of businesses and consumers who expect delivery faster, faster, and more punctual. Hence the need to effectively regulate the procedures underlying the management of goods.

The Warehouse: The Nerve Center Of Logistics

For those involved in logistics, the warehouse represents the alpha and omega, the pivotal element around which the various operations revolve. This is extremely important and capable of making a difference in business productivity, and it often requires large dimensions suitable for accommodating the flow of goods not only inbound but also outbound.

The warehouse is the component that performs delicate tasks such as the sorting of products, including the loading and unloading of packaging, and the management of goods. In all these cases, it is important to have adequate spaces, equipment, and personnel capable of dealing efficiently with all procedural steps. If there is a commercial exchange with partners outside the European borders, it is necessary to efficiently manage customs procedures that are specific to the individual country.

How A Customized Logistics System Works

The customized logistics services ensure multiple benefits for the company, large, medium, or small. Let’s see them in detail:

  1. Management of the goods: It is not just a matter of monitoring what enters/leaves the warehouse, but also of preparing it, for example, with packaging tailored to the individual business reality, as well as through targeted, original processes, able to follow the identity style of the brand.
  2. Quality control of products once they arrive at their destination: A crucial aspect since it sees the presence of monitoring of goods not carried from one end to the other but delivered flawlessly. Security for any company.
  3. An organized delivery to be on time: There are logistics companies that, organized ad hoc, plan their deliveries, establishing when to make a same-day delivery and when it is preferable to make an appointment. Therefore, speed in the case of e-commerce is essential.
  4. Efficient problem-solving: In life and logistics, problems happen. The point is to solve and manage them, communicating correctly with the customer. In logistics, communication is essential. Indeed, it is at the highest levels, being a team effort.
  5. Traceability of goods and digitalization: These are two central factors, and they see the possibility of always having everything tracked and under control. Digital tools are, from this point of view, innovative and essential. The adoption of modern management software is critical to the logistics platform.

Customized logistics allow you to limit unforeseen events that may occur. Solutions were able to make a difference in efficiency and quality to guarantee the company fewer thoughts and more resources to devote to the “core business” in the long term.

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