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The Rise Of Mobile Gaming: How Online Casinos Are Adapting to the Smartphone Era

When the first mobile phones appeared in the 1990s, many people were sceptical about their future, mostly because they were expensive, and so was their usage. Still, once their developers started with mass production of these devices and the smartphone era began in the early 2010s, many online platforms and websites realized that mobile devices were here to stay. Of course, online casinos also started adapting to the smartphone era. This was a smart move because the top mobile casinos have thousands of active users today.

Today, many players prefer to use their smartphones to play their favourite games on the go. Thanks to modern technology, they can enjoy poker, slots, blackjack, and other games on their smartphones, regardless of location. It seems that online casinos have found a few ways to adapt to these devices and take this specific experience to a new level.

Mobile-friendly Designs

One of the first things online casinos started implementing was the mobile-friendliness of their websites. We are talking about sites with responsive designs. Simply put, when a website has a responsive design, you can get almost the same experience on a computer and a mobile device in terms of ease of navigation and browsing, and screen size.

Online casinos without a mobile-friendly design will look distorted when you open them on your smartphone, making it difficult to find specific functions. Sometimes, playing casino games is impossible because you can see just half of the game’s play area on your device.

With mobile-friendly designs, online casinos leave an excellent first impression and create a recognizable brand. There’s also no need for players to get instructions about using the site when on the go.

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Native Apps

Most online casinos have mobile-friendly websites with responsive designs. Still, some have made another step to meet the needs of smartphone users. Namely, some popular online casinos created native apps, primarily for Android and iOS users.

Thanks to native apps, online casinos make it easier and more convenient for users to get all smartphone features while practising online gambling. Even the screen size is affected by mobile applications. Namely, responsive design adjusts the screen size automatically, but it’s not as convenient as mobile apps. The latter has the needs and requirements of mobile users in mind. At the same time, the former only rearranges the existing content to fit the screen.

Also, it’s good to know that some applications provide offline access, which you cannot expect from casino websites with responsive design. For instance, there are cases when players can load demo versions of their favourite casino games even when they are offline through the app.

Other Ways in Which Online Casinos Are Adapting to the Smartphone Era

Since there are literally thousands of active mobile casino users, it’s natural for gambling platforms to look for other ways to engage with this category of players.

First, we will mention the payment options. Online casinos have adjusted to smartphones (and tablets) by introducing several mobile payment methods like Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. It’s wise to enable registered users to deposit and withdraw funds with more payment methods. In this case, we have mobile banking solutions that are not burdened with big fees (some don’t charge fees at all). The best casinos process these requests in less than 24 hours which is another great advantage.

Next, some casino sites reward players who will download and use their mobile applications. For example, downloading and installing their apps will give you a boosted welcome bonus. In addition, you may get exclusive offers unavailable to computer users. The reason why these deals exist is simple. It’s easier for online casinos to attract and keep mobile players on their platforms. With push notifications and easy access, they have much more engaged and active players. Indeed, people use their desktop and laptop computers daily, but their smartphones are always next to them. Adapting to the smartphone era is crucial for every online casino.

Another aspect of the evolution of mobile gaming is the social element. Once again, the things we see in many mobile online casinos are found in their computer counterparts, but they work better on smartphones. For example, more and more platforms include activity fees that inform other players of the success of other members. There are top lists and other things that make these activities more exciting.

Let’s not forget that we have titles with in-game chats that allow fast and fun communication between players and even between players and live dealers. Doing this on your smartphone looks and feels more natural since we are all used to this type of communication. Finally, we mentioned push notifications as another means of social interaction in mobile online casinos.

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