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Google Ads: A Beginner’s Guide (For 2023)

Investing in a Google Ads, formerly Google Adwords campaign, is undoubtedly one of the most intelligent marketing decisions to make in 2023. While the internet essentially powers the new paradigm of consumer habits, digital marketing is imperative for sustainability and profitability for any business.  And in this race for visibility, it is not an exaggeration to say that Google Ads are a must.  Google indeed has 75% of the market share in terms of Internet users’ use of search engines. 

When we know that 3.5 billion searches are performed per day (or 2.5 million per second), the relevance of this approach becomes much more apparent. Google Ads is a premium channel for positioning your brand in the spotlight and therefore improving your statistics in terms of website traffic, number of prospects, customers, sales, etc. But it would still be necessary to master the operation of Google Ads and implement effective strategies to optimize the return on investment. Discover everything you need to know in this guide to succeed with your Google Ads campaign in 2023.

What Are Google Ads?

Google Ads is a paid online advertising program offered by Google for advertisers. Its principle of operation is relatively simple. When people use Google’s various search engines, they use keywords to find the information they need. The various potential sources of this information are displayed on a results page (SERP) according to their relevance. 

The Google Ads program allows companies to display ads based on specific and relevant keywords in strategic positions. Most of the time, these ads occupy the top ranks of the search result pages. For example, here are the search results for the keyword “blogging”: As seen in this image, Google Ads advertisements appear in the first position, mentioning “Announcement.”

Why Advertise On Google Ads?

In terms of visibility, Google Ads is a significant asset for advertisers. Internet users rarely go beyond the second page of search results, especially when looking for a specific product. Google Ads is an effective way to increase traffic to your website in a very concrete way. This online advertising option allows you to promote your product and service directly to people who are highly likely to be interested. In addition, you can directly observe how the people targeted by your campaign react to your advertisements.

Are Google Ads Effective? Understand The Basics

The Google Ads ad network is a powerful tool for taking a data-driven approach to understanding how to respond to changing consumer behavior. It provides many actionable levers, among which we can mention:

  1. The ability to target a specific audience. The objective is to show a relevant ad precisely when your target is interested in the product or service.
  2. Precise control of advertising costs. With Google Ads, there is no mandatory minimum price. You can choose how much you spend per day, month, and ad. It is also possible to condition this payment on certain conditions, such as a click on your ad.
  3. Precise instruments to measure the success of your campaign. You know precisely how many people clicked on your ad. How many of them have done something useful for your business (placed an order, downloaded an app, etc.)? This data allows you to identify the ads deemed most relevant by the public to optimize your return on investment.

Google Ads also allows you to accurately assess the average cost of advertising that leads to an order, reservation, or direct purchase. There are more advanced analytics tools that enable you to uncover your customers’ spending habits. That said, more than simply pulling out the checkbook is needed to guarantee yourself a first place or even a good position in the search results. And for a good reason. Several other marketers have most likely had the same idea as you. It is, therefore, essential to know how the Google Ads offer works to understand the resulting rankings in the SERPs. Failing to have all the necessary expertise, the best choice is to opt for a Google Ads Partner Premier.

How Does Google Ads Work?

Google Ads is all about keywords, the terms, and phrases people are most likely to use when searching for a particular product or service. When you create an ad, one of the things you choose is a list of relevant keywords to target. Then, when a person performs a search (query), Google checks whether advertisers have made an offer on the keywords corresponding to this search. If there are, the ads will appear on that SERP. But how does Google decide to display your ad and not someone else’s?

Set Up A Google Ads Budget And Set Maximum Bids

When you want your ad associated with a specific query, you bid on how much you’re willing to pay for that keyword. Bids are open, and all advertisers who wish to position themselves on this keyword compete precisely as in an auction. The bid you make represents the maximum amount you are willing to pay to have the ad displayed. You can make three main types of offers. These include in particular: 

  1. Cost per click (CPC). You are charged the set amount each time someone clicks on your ad.
  2. Cost per thousand impressions (CPM). You will be charged per interval of 1,000 ad impressions in this format.
  3. Cost per engagement (CPE). You pay the agreed amount each time someone performs a specific action on your ad (listen to a podcast, watch a video, subscribe to a mailing list, etc.).

Create Quality Ads

Google decides the order in which ads are displayed based on the quality score of the various ads. The algorithm first assigns each ad a quality score on a scale of 1 to 10 based on its relevance to the query and other factors (keywords, landing pages, etc.). Then, it assigns each ad an Ad Rank score by multiplying its quality score by the corresponding advertiser’s maximum bid. Ads with the highest Ad Rank scores are the ones that show up. Remember that the quality level greatly influences the bid necessary to ensure the ad’s display. The higher your score is at this level, the less you will have to spend on your advertising campaign.

Appear In The Ranking Of Search Results

To “win” Google Ads auctions and see your Google ad appear for relevant keywords, you need to optimize your Quality Score and the bid amount. The subtlety of this balance is why it is recommended to opt for a Google Ads Partner Premier. The higher the combination of your quality score and the bid amount, the better your ad’s positioning. Some of the factors that influence the quality score include:

  1. The relevance of the ad to the user’s request.
  2. The relevance of the Google keyword to your ad group.
  3. The relevance of your ad to its landing page.
  4. The click-through rate (CTR) history of the ad and its ad group.
  5. The overall historical performance of the account.

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