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Enhancing Wifi On Android: How To Do It

Those who use their smartphone daily and for a long time to surf the internet cannot do without a stable and fast wifi connection. A mobile phone that is very slow to view websites or transfer files through social networks can be a severe problem and frustration. Often the blame is attributed to a slow wifi service, insufficient coverage in the area, wifi interference, or the network card of the mobile device, so we are oriented towards the purchase of a smartphone that guarantees better reception. Boosting wifi on Android is possible in several ways.

While there are several methods to boost the home wifi signal, you can resort to some efficient solutions and get an extra pair of cleats in your weak wifi connection if you are using an Android operating system. Some free and easy-to-use applications provide considerable help to a slow android device in sending and receiving data on the web. Discovering the features and functionalities of the most famous can be helpful to understand how to get an Android wifi upgrade at no cost and in a few simple steps.

Enhance Wifi On Android With Network Signal Speed ​​Booster

Among the existing apps to improve your smartphone browsing experience, the Network Signal Speed Booster is one of the best known and accredited by positive user reviews. The application, comes with an essential and intuitive screen that has never been changed over the years of updates: the few options available allow you to take advantage of all the features without outstanding commitment on the part of the user. 

All you have to do is start an automatic search with a simple touch: the app will quickly find the most powerful telephone antenna, then connect the system to it. The app is designed to optimize the wifi connection and that to the telephone network, thus also improving the quality of phone calls. Network Signal Booster can be downloaded for free from Play the Store.

Boost Wifi On Android With Boost Wifi Pro

Another well-known application is wifi Booster Pro, developed by JUMBO. Boosting Android wifi is particularly simple with this app promises up to 20% faster connection speeds. The optimization takes place automatically by pressing the red button on the interface. Further down, the screen shows the connection status (absent, standard, or enhanced), also indicated by the signal level. 

The application is no longer present on the official Play Store but can still be downloaded via the apk file, distributed on the net with “Enhance wifi by Directmod.” In this case, to install it, it will be necessary to enable applications from unknown sources via the security panel of the Android system.

Enhance Wifi On Android With Signal Booster

Similar to the previous ones for the system and the method, Signal Booster has a quick access panel to the wifi and mobile connection. By selecting the central button (Tap to boost), it is possible to activate the optimization system of both types of networks. Through its advanced configuration, the app automatically adapts to the settings and characteristics of each device.

Enhancing Wifi On Android With Wifi TX Power: How It Works

The solutions considered so far consisted mainly in connecting to the telephone antenna with the highest power present in one’s area. A different method to intervene in the quality of your connection is to change the power of the wifi card of the Android smartphone or tablet to increase the data reception capacity. This is what wifi TX Power allows, a free application that can only be used on rooted devices.

Once the app is installed, it can select the numerical value (indicated in milliwatt decibels) corresponding to the reception power that we want to obtain. The higher values ​​will solve connectivity problems while reducing the power can save on the battery level. Restarting the device or selecting the previous value can restore the default settings.

Enhancing Wifi On Android With A Wifi Antenna For Smartphones

A completely different solution is to use an external wifi antenna for smartphones, which effectively solves connectivity and connection problems by increasing the signal strength. Despite being an external device, the wifi antenna is still practical due to its small size, the simplicity of its aesthetic appearance, and the possibility of being easily moved to any environment. The product works without external power and does not require special skills for its use.

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