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Discovering The New Google Analytics: GA4

What Is Google Analytics?

Regardless, even though we’re confident you know a piece about it, Google Analytics is a free help presented by Google to break down your crowd. This super complete device isn’t simply used to see the number of guests to your site gives a ton of data on the thing they are searching for or on the way taken to get them to your site. 

The thought and the last objective is to get a precise data set to know where and how to upgrade your site to improve its permeability. With Analytics, the objective is to distinguish issues to track down arrangements and lift your site. So, rest assured, the principle of Google Analytics 4 has not changed, but the way of accessing and discovering content is now different from GA4.

Google Analytics 4 Gives You The Power To Track, Analyze And Report On Your Website And App Visitors – Who They Are And What They’re Doing

Get acquainted with the first significant overhaul of the de facto standard in analytics in years and discover the many new features, including powerful machine learning. Learn how to best use this leading analytics tool to understand your digital customers better, how they found you, and how they interact with your website or app once they get there. Learn the standard features of the platform, from account creation to the basics of reporting and how to acquire, convert and retain customers, manage user accounts, and more.

How Does It Work, And How Do I Use It?

Until then, the model on which Universal Analytics was based was the principle of page views and sessions. This version has been around for 8 years, and the Internet is fast, so we had to adapt. The model is no longer in line with users’ expectations and their needs today. Now the GA4 is redesigned to be user-centric and event-centric. The idea is to be able to save time on data collection and also save time during analysis. Let’s discover the new features together?

The New Functions Of GA4

Common Tracking Between Site And Mobile Application

Do you have a mobile app and want to be able to track data from your app and site? Google Analytics 4 allows you to set up centralized analysis, and it will save you time!

The Emergence Of Artificial Intelligence

The tool now allows us to anticipate future customer actions and make predictions and recommendations. The artificial intelligence within this new version allows us to be informed of significant developments and better manage them! One very positive thing: the objective remains to optimize the return on investment of the various campaigns carried out.

Much More Flexible Reporting

With Universal Analytics, you had access to several reports that were not necessarily easy to use and customize. With Google Analytics 4, you now have access to some much more flexible and customizable data and behavior management reports! You can then collect and analyze data more straightforwardly and accurately than in the old version.

Compliance With GDPR Standards At The Heart Of The New GA4

With the arrival and rise of the GDPR, it is increasingly important today to focus its development on users’ desire for transparency. Google has understood this and offers a new version that is much more respectful of data and more easily controllable from the platform. Rather practical. Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments if you are interested in a more targeted and detailed article! Will it be with great pleasure? Otherwise, do not hesitate to contact the Inwin expert closest to you so that he can support you in your visibility objectives.

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