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DevOps: Why Companies Bring Agility To Data Management

This year, companies will introduce new agile teams based on the DevOps methodology to optimize the management and use. These teams – comprising security, data protection, analytics experts, and operational IT resources – will be tasked with improving the safety, governance, and value of their organization’s data quickly and efficiently. A company specializing in data protection and information management solutions. For years, DevOps teams have been a staple of application development.

Data Security And Cloud Migration

Unlike the traditional approach, which separates software development and operations teams, in this case, software developers and IT operations staff are united in a single group focused on developing and improving applications. DevOps teams have made it easier for enterprises to implement agile software development methodologies, shortening time and accelerating application improvement continuously. 

However, last year also demonstrated that, although the digital economy can work on applications, many of its most precious assets are the data collected and generated by them. And suppose companies do not constantly protect, govern, optimize, and analyze this information. In that case, they risk losing and handing over leadership to those who do and endanger the integrity of the business. For example, criminals are constantly developing increasingly sophisticated ransomware attacks that can block this data, disrupting the activities of even large companies for days or weeks. 

Government agencies constantly monitor the data privacy measures adopted by companies, with important sanctions (and negative publicity) for those who do not comply with current regulations. Organizations are also constantly faced with the need to move or migrate data from on-premise to cloud, cloud to cloud, application to application, hoping to optimize operations and costs. Meanwhile, most of today’s leading companies stand out for their ability to use data to deliver better customer experiences than their competitors.

Businesses Need Agile Data-Bound DevOps Teams

Hence, the need for companies to implement agile data-linked teams that can promptly and continuously provide complete visibility and control over information distributed in dozens of SaaS applications, cloud services, and different types of on-premise infrastructures. Teams that can accelerate the time to release of new solutions, increasing their frequency so that other IT and business resources can experiment with them and quickly provide feedback on how useful they are in managing and using the data.

Team continues the analysis with the skills and speed necessary to protect them from being able to repel attacks by cybercriminals and at the same time make sure that, in the event of a successful attack or another disastrous event, they can recover the data quickly and completely. And that they can quickly move information from any application, cloud, or infrastructure to any other application, cloud, or infrastructure.

In addition, they will work with operational employees to use the latest analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other tools to derive valuable insights and use them to better and more effectively predict, for example, demand for products over the next season. Holiday, or when an IoT -enabled industrial object will need maintenance to avoid downtime and improve other goals.

These teams will not just complete data management and optimization projects and return to their previous activities. Businesses are adding more applications and generating new data, cybercriminals develop further attacks, and customer expectations constantly change. This is why the new agile teams dedicated to data created in 2022 will last well beyond next year.

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