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cPanel, What Is It, And How Does It Work?

When it comes to websites, one aspect to take into consideration is their management. Very often, the control panels and the solutions found to manage our platforms are complicated and manageable only by advanced programmers. With cPanel, on the other hand, the technical management of the website is greatly simplified and becomes within reach of even less experienced users.

What Is cPanel?

cPanel is a control panel for managing websites with a straightforward graphical interface that allows the average user to manage many parameters that otherwise, in more elaborate discussions, would not be easily handled. Taking the first example, cPanel allows you to manage many aspects related to the domain. To avoid buying a new environment, you can create all the redirects to and from your domain and create secondary sections, the so-called subdomains. The cPanel panel allows you to configure all the hosting functions wholly and quickly. Here is a list of the essential features that can be managed through cPanel:

  1. Create FTP accounts and manage passwords and permissions.
  2. Add and manage and delete new subdomains.
  3. Manage and optimize databases by creating accounts, users, and permissions.
  4. Manage the site’s file system from the browser.
  5. Install applications and CMS.
  6. Backup your site in no time.
  7. Manage or upload files to the server.
  8. Perform system status check operations.

Thanks to cPanel, it is possible to manage your website’s administration functions without particular technical or programming knowledge. it can be simply done by flat file cms 2023.

cPanel, What It Is For, And How It Works

As we have seen, the cPanel panel is an administration panel that allows simplified management of all Hosting features. How do you get cPanel to work? First, you must choose a hosting plan that includes cPanel. To use cPanel, once you have purchased the Linux Hosting plan that best suits your needs, access your Customer Area on Register. It clicks on the domain to which we have associated the Hosting service and clicks on the Linux Hosting icon from the domain management page. Alternatively, it is possible to access via the link sent via email when the Linux Hosting service is activated on a domain name, using the username and password sent in the same email.

The Sections Of cPanel

We can now see in more detail the main tools that can be managed with cPanel.

Installing Apps And CMS With Softaculous App Installer

Softaculous App Installer is a web interface integrated into cPanel, which facilitates the installation of the main applications for creating a website. With Softaculous App Installer, you can install and configure the most suitable application on your Hosting, choosing from WordPress, PrestaShop, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, and many others. By accessing the cPanel panel, you will have the scripts of the leading web applications available, ready to be installed through a simple visual interface.

With a few simple clicks, it will be possible to install the chosen App on your web space quickly and immediately, avoiding complex manual procedures. Among the apps present, we also find WordPress, one of the most used tools in creating websites worldwide. If you intend to use WordPress on your website, the Register includes WordPress Hosting, a specific hosting plan with WordPress pre-installed, 10 GB of disk space, and integrated cPanel.

Management Of Domains And Subdomains

We have already mentioned the management of domains on cPanel. With cPanel, you can manage many aspects of your environment. For example, it will be possible to add new subdomains or create redirects, which are carried out to bring a user who types a specific URL to another web page. With cPanel, all this is possible quickly and intuitively.

Management Of Email Boxes

Through cPanel, you can control all aspects of the email addresses associated with your domain. You can create new email addresses, set up automatic forwarding and automated replies, manage spam filters, manage mailing lists, and more, according to your needs.

Management Of Hosting Files

A premise is needed here. When we talk about file management on your Hosting, we are talking about more than just material available for download, such as technical data sheets of products or machinery, promotional flyers, images, and, more generally, all the visible aspects of the site. The site theme is also a file. Plug-ins are also files. cPanel allows you to manage all website files from a particular section. It will be possible to upload new files, check the storage space and schedule periodic backups to avoid losing what is on the site.

Creation And Management Of MySQL Databases

When discussing database management, we touch on a topic that the average user rarely needs to manage and change. However, through cPanel, you can manage all the MySQL databases by accessing the dedicated section. From here, you can create new databases according to your needs and consult, manage and modify existing ones.

Website Backup And Restore

Backing up is an aspect of fundamental importance in managing a website. Losing one’s data and the entire organization of one’s site due to a sudden crash and lack of backup can be one of the most dangerous things in this field. For this reason, cPanel offers a whole section dedicated to website backup and restoration. It is possible to select the frequency with which the elements present will be saved and to select the processes to be carried out for recovery.

Website Security

The last aspect to consider regarding the functionality of cPanel is the security of your website. External threats such as viruses and malware are increasingly common, and there is always the possibility of seeing your site “under attack, even if remote.” Through cPanel, it is possible to take care of and manage this phase too. It is possible to manage, add, modify, and implement various tools to keep the security of your website high.

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