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Complete Guide To Web Marketing

Everything you need to know to create a perfect web strategy: from the choice of tools to data analysis. Is your company’s online life confusing? Not sure which tools to use? Are you undecided between the different marketing strategies? The world of the web and classic marketing meet to give life to web marketing. Explore the opportunities that this union provides for the growth of your business and your turnover.

What Is Web Marketing?

Web marketing, or even digital marketing, applies marketing strategies to give greater resonance to your online presence. It is a set of activities based on a well-defined project to be followed using tools ranging from email to social pages to achieve precise and measurable objectives.

How To Define A Web Marketing Strategy?

To focus your web marketing strategy, you can proceed by following five steps:

  1. define the corporate identity
  2. study the reference market
  3. observe competitors
  4. set goals
  5. plan (choose which tools and content to use).

Web marketing can make your business successful if your strategy is focused and solid.

What Are The Tools To Use For Web Marketing?

You can use several tools; favoring some over others depends on your goals. Some of them you will not be able to do without. Let’s see them together.

Company Website

Creating a website is like creating an online business card. To enjoy all the benefits it brings, you need to ensure it reflects the business’s personality, provides all the information you need, and is attractive to new potential customers. Having an effective site available and establishing yourself in your sector is not a waste of time and money but an investment that pays off in the long term and will bring you more customers and earnings.

To take the right path and create an effective website, you have to start from what you are and what you want to achieve. At the same time, don’t forget the audience: you have to welcome people, give them the content they need, and a pleasant visit on your pages. Only a positive experience affects the increase in online sales.


Many think that email no longer has anything to offer. They are wrong. Despite the social, WhatsApp, and Google tools that we use daily, emails still occupy ample space in everyday communication. And they still have a lot to offer, especially in terms of customer retention and increased profits.

Of course, nothing happens by chance, and if you want these results, you have to create newsletters that stand out from other content, that are interesting, and that generate expectation in those who receive them. Again, take your time and plan. Rely on an email marketing campaign that allows you to leverage email commercially. Define content and use the most suitable platforms. Yes, platforms will be your resource for automating email marketing and saving you valuable time.

Company Social Pages

Social media marketing allows you to increase the company’s brand awareness, strengthen the image compared to the competition, and increase sales. A social strategy cannot be missing from your digital marketing plan. Social media can be a natural fuel for marketing and corporate communication. The ideas and opportunities to be exploited are almost limitless.


A milestone in your marketing process is the funnel. It is a model represented as a funnel depicting the user’s shopping journey. The strength of this tool lies in the fact that, once you know the steps leading to the purchase, you can target customers and conclude the sale. Creating a funnel means accompanying people in the 4 essential steps that end with the purchase:

  1. awareness
  2. involvement
  3. conversion
  4. loyalty.

Each phase has a peculiarity, and you can use different marketing tools. Two can never be missing: email marketing and landing pages.

Webinars And Freebies

There are two powerful allies in your business. In your strategy, they give the best of them, mainly if used regularly and inserted within a funnel. If you don’t know them yet, we’ll introduce them to you: webinars and freebies. The webinar is an online seminar—an event to engage and train your audience via the web. 

If you want to expand your contacts, consolidate your brand image and promote services and products, a webinar is for you. The freebie is a giveaway you give to people. A gift that triggers an exchange process. Those interested in your content – free – of quality and value will gladly leave emails and information, allowing you to collect valuable data for your lead generation.

Online Advertising

Inevitable in a complete web marketing strategy that covers all activities, organic and otherwise, is advertising. Even if you are working well on content, SEO, and social presence, the promotion should not be forgotten. Indeed, it can be that stage that gives even more relevance to your valuable content. Direct advertising helps you gain customers quickly, but you need to know about it. The type and channels chosen must be appropriate to the brand and the message. Our advice? Also, in this case, study and plan an ad hoc advertising campaign to charm your audience.

How To Use Inbound Marketing In Your Web Strategy?

You know the tools for doing web marketing, but what about strategies? One that cannot be missing from your plan is inbound marketing. An advanced and low-cost marketing strategy will allow you to attract people interested in your business and then convert them into customers.

Inbound marketing shifts the focus from the company that sells to the consumer he seeks, delighting him with content created ad hoc to meet his needs and making him interested in the products and services offered. The focus is, therefore, on the contents. Let’s take a closer look at them.

How To Create Compelling Content For Web marketing?

Before diving into creating texts, images, and videos, you must know that there is a simple, effective, and indispensable way to improve your online presence and increase the traffic on your web pages. We are talking about the editorial plan! A document that contains all your content divided by type, according to the channel and the day of publication. Once you have collected your ideas and ideas in the editorial plan, you make sure that you always have material to share and maintain constant interaction with the public.

But where do these ideas arise? Simple, they come directly from your customers. What do they need? What are they looking for? How can you help them? Answer all such questions, and you will have numerous topics to cover in your texts or videos. In this phase of themes research, you can also rely on specific tools. Google creates some tools, and you can use them for free to define the contents of your web strategy.

What Content To Create For Your Audience?

You have identified the issues, and you know what to talk about. You have created an editorial plan and know what and when to publish. Only the content is missing. There are different formats of content, from text to images to videos. While being spaces where the contents are offered, even the app and website can be seen as accurate digital content. Similarly, there are different types of content:

  1. inspirational
  2. educational
  3. promotional
  4. funny
  5. to engage
  6. to make yourself known.

Keep in mind that once created, the content becomes a small treasure. Both because you can put it to good use by promoting it and because you can transform and use it in multiple ways and various contexts. From articles to the podcast, from videos to social posts, from presentation slides to ebooks, these are just a few examples of how you can shape the same content in multiple forms. 

In any case, be sure to provide valuable and correct information. And also, pay attention to the form in which you propose them. Error-free content is not only ugly to look at, but it expresses negligence. Inevitable mistakes are absolute to be avoided; that’s why you need to pay attention to:

  1. grammar
  2. adapt content to the channel
  3. don’t be too self-referential
  4. use the proper technological supports
  5. quality and framing of photographs and images
  6. do not copy.

How To Do Inbound Marketing With Social Media?

The world is social; everyday life is social. It is not new now; we are all linked to social networks. That’s why, at the level of your business, they can prove to be a precious weapon, able to attract attention and start the public towards the stages of inbound marketing. Using social media in the right way helps every company consolidate their brand, hook new people and increase the turnover. If used correctly, it is clear that social media are inevitable in your inbound marketing strategy. There are three choices from which to start including social media in inbound marketing :

  1. the social network to use
  2. the type of content
  3. the frequency of publication.

Inbound marketing must be planned to take into account the characteristics of each channel, to exploit the right one, in the right way, with the right audience.

How To Monitor And Analyze The Effectiveness Of The Web Strategy?

One of the mistakes that are made most frequently is thinking that it is enough to start the strategy, and then you can forget it. While it is true that some mechanisms can be automated and ensure, in a certain sense, that web marketing goes by itself, it is also true that everything you have put in place must be checked. Monitoring the results allows you to check if everything is working correctly and, if not, correct the shot. It also provides valuable inputs for new and subsequent strategies. How, then, to approach this phase? KPIs turn out to be the best elements to make your evaluations.

These are indicators that help you focus on your specific goals, monitor their progress, and, in general, keep them under control. There are several types of indicators. The number and kind of KPIs you will choose depend on your goals. Our suggestion is to include the most frequent generic ones and lean towards a number that varies between 4 and 10. Another trick to evaluate if your web and inbound strategies are working is to rely on Google Tag Manager. It is a practical and fast system that helps you monitor what happens on your pages with the introduction of tracking codes and without the intervention of a programmer.

How Much Does A Web Marketing Strategy Cost?

More and more entrepreneurs are changing their perspectives and relying on digital marketing. The natural consequence is to allocate a budget to this activity to have a return on the business that can be quantified over time. Setting up a budget for digital marketing means investing. And like any investment, you must also direct this into the suitable projects, understand where you want to go, and establish in what direction and how to move. How to proceed? Start with these steps:

  1. identifies the objectives to be achieved,
  2. decide the tools to use,
  3. define your marketing plan.

Again, don’t forget to monitor the results to make any adjustments in the future. Make your company live online too. Address it with a clear web marketing plan tailored to your business. It is the choice to scale your business.

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