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Business Connectivity: How To Choose The Best One

In the world in which we live and operate, investing in business connectivity is a key to remaining competitive. For this reason, it is equally important to opt for the best company network capable of guaranteeing the best communication and security and allowing your employees to work continuously, reliably, and efficiently. In the article, we will talk about the key elements to consider when choosing a valid business network, analyze the available options, and offer advice on how to make informed decisions to meet the specific needs of the organization.

Why It Is Essential To Have A Valid Business Network

A corporate network is made up of a series of IT devices interconnected within the company itself to allow communication and the sharing of resources. Thanks to a company network, employees are able to exchange information and data and collaborate efficiently. A network of this type must be valid to ensure efficient communication and productivity for the organization, but not only. In fact, it allows:

  1. Fluid internal and external communication: A valid corporate network allows for effective communication between employees, customers, and partners. This will make it easier to stay productive.
  2. Sharing resources, such as documents, data, and applications, becomes more accessible, making operations more efficient.
  3. High data security. An adequately designed corporate network includes security measures such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption to protect corporate data from external and internal threats.
  4. Remote access, which allows employees to always securely access company resources and data from wherever they decide to work, will enable companies to stay ahead of the curve and offer flexible working.
  5. Scalability. When a network is well structured, it will be able to grow the company and add resources when needed.
  6. To monitor and manage performance, intervene in case of problems with quick resolutions that allow business continuity.
  7. To reduce costs, for example, by optimizing the use of resources and minimizing downtime.

What Are The Advantages Of A Good Business Network?

Having a structured corporate network within your organization becomes crucial to remaining competitive in the market, so much so that the advantages of its installation have a direct impact on all operational aspects of the company. An excellent corporate network, in fact, facilitates internal and external communication, ensuring that employees can communicate without interruptions, not only with each other but also with customers and business partners. 

In this way, sharing information and documents becomes more fluid, increasing overall productivity. The same data will always be available wherever you are, saving time and resources that would otherwise be used for research. The company network then becomes a resource in the field of cybersecurity, allowing the insertion of differentiated security criteria based on who must access the information and documents. 

For this reason, a valid corporate network will enable you to be better protected from cyber threats by filtering network traffic so as to reduce the possibility of incurring cyber attacks. Backup operations can also benefit from a valid corporate network, making them quicker and easier to carry out. Thanks to the network, the company will have the possibility to plan backups, which will allow, if necessary, rapid data restoration effectively.

What Are The Elements To Consider When Choosing A Corporate Network?

When you find yourself in the position of having to choose which type of corporate network you want to install, you must first of all take into account the needs of your organization. It will therefore be essential to think about how many employees the company has, what type of work is carried out, how the network will be managed, verify that the web complies with regulations, and, above all, whether a lot of data and information will have to be administered. 

The protection of this data, then, as mentioned, will be crucial. The corporate network must have the ability to install firewalls, encryption, intrusion detection systems, and access policies. Once security has been placed at the center of the guidelines for choosing the network, it must offer the possibility of secure remote access, with employees being able to work wherever they are.

Another element to take into consideration is the availability that your company has to manage and maintain the network, not only from a practical point of view but also with regard to the dedicated budget. Always opt for a reliable network where downtime is minimal, and that can be compatible with the applications and software that the company uses regularly. Finally, an excellent corporate network must provide the supplier with present and punctual technical assistance and after-sales support.

BFast: The BF Value Proposition

BFast is the service offered by Valore BF to find the best telephony and internet solution for your company. With BFast, you will be able to have a voice line (WLR, VoIP) and data line (FTTH Fiber, FTTC Fibre, ADSL, SHDSL, and FWA) in a single solution, as well as dedicated assistance, both at a commercial and technical-administrative level. BFast is ideal for all those companies that wish to have a single fee for both the internet and the traditional line, bringing you connectivity everywhere, even where fiber has yet to be laid. Our offer proposes:

  1. For small businesses, a solution that allows you to activate up to 3 telephone lines with professional flat internet up to 1 Giga
  2. For all companies and SMEs, a dedicated offer that includes professional flat internet up to 2.5 GigA of any type (ADSL, Shdsl, FWA, FTTC Fiber, and FTTH) and telephone lines with calls included.

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