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Bitrix24: Complete Software For Your Company

Bitrix24 is a virtual office designed to facilitate communications between company employees and relationships with customers and suppliers. Here’s how it works: The world of work in recent years has evolved significantly. Thanks to the pandemic, starting from 2021, many companies have had to introduce digital solutions to allow employees to work smartly during the lockdown period.

In this increasingly fluid and dynamic context, every company must enable its staff to operate effectively, safely, and calmly, not only when they are on-site but also and above all when they work from home. How to do it? Adequate tools and targeted software must be adopted to improve internal communications. 

The ideal would be to have a single platform from which to manage every aspect, where services, apps, and all the other tools used by the organization are merged. Anyone looking for software of this type can find the best solution in Bitrix24. It is a real virtual office designed for companies that want to disconnect from the physical location, workstations, and fixed computers for their employees.

Bitrix24: Project Management And Internal Communications

Working in a company in an organized, immediate, and efficient way, even remotely, is no longer a utopia. There is no need for notebooks and bulletin boards, but only the intelligence and intuition of Bitrix24, which, through a single platform, allows you to do an enormous amount of operations. It starts with the management of assignments and projects. 

For each new project, virtual spaces are created to be completed with all the useful information: from the tasks assigned to each employee, to the proxies, from the manager to the assistant, from the realization times to the delivery times, from the activities to be scheduled to the meetings. Everything is within everyone’s reach, and every single action can be managed and archived to be accessible to all project participants.

The software also allows you to manage communications between employees in a single interface without resorting to many apps with the risk of getting lost. Everything is at your fingertips and just a click away with Bitrix24:

  1. chats, whether they are public or private, single or group
  2. video calls, up to a maximum of 48 participants for meetings and discussions, work areas, calendars, both group and personal, to mark public and private events, with deliveries and deadlines.

Practical And Formal Management Of Human Resources

Bitrix24 also allows you to manage human resources simply and immediately, thanks to many features such as coordination and monitoring of working hours through detecting attendance, payments, holidays, leave, and sickness. All processes are automated. The software updates employment reports upon completing an assignment while also modifying information in the employee directory. Nothing escapes anymore because everyone knows what to do, and the system records and returns the clear and complete corporate picture.

And for the documents? Bitrix24 thinks of that too, offering unlimited cloud storage with an advanced document management system that considers workflows, online and local changes, without missing a single step of everything being done, making it accessible. To all authorized persons, at any time and from any device.

A CRM For External Communications

Inside the system, there is also a CRM that allows you to manage the company’s communications with the outside world: from sales management to contacts, offering all customers an optimal customer experience. The Bitrix24 CRM is simple to use and complete as it offers all the tools that a cutting-edge company needs today: automated sales funnels, leads with different channels, from the site to social networks, personalized sales phases, and much more. There are already 10 million users in the world who have chosen it. Because? In addition to its cutting-edge features, it is the first free CRM.

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