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Benefits Of A Modern Visual Analytics Platform Using Tableau Software

Tableau has revolutionized how data is displayed and told in the context of many application areas, making it decisive for the fate of businesses linked to industries such as:

  1. Media and Communication
  2. Hi-Tech
  3. Power
  4. Banking, Financial and Insurance
  5. Manufacturing
  6. Health
  7. Natural Science
  8. Non-Profit and Third Sector
  9. Instruction
  10. Public administration
  11. Sports
  12. Retail
  13. Supply Chain and Large Organized Distribution (GDO)
  14. Transport and Logistics
  15. Tourism and Cultural Heritage

Here is a good summary of the generic benefits that a modern visual analytics platform like Tableau can deliver to various businesses.

Involvement Of Stakeholders

The informative nature of Tableau allows you to create compelling data storytelling for all actors involved in a project, regardless of their technical knowledge of data. Therefore, the immediacy of the data visualization allows a better understanding of the problem and, consequently, better communication between decision-makers, reducing time-to-market and related operational costs.

Enhancement Of Data Mining Processes

Data visualization allows you to have a more immediate perception of the information extracted from the data to optimize the analysis to achieve the desired results. The ability to query a database and obtain a graphical summary of the correlation of the variables that interest us in real-time constitutes an authentic game change for business intelligence and business analytics processes.

Team Working And Problem-Solving

Too often, individual business lines tend to isolate themselves according to their respective tasks, when in reality, their collaboration would constitute an essential resource for enhancing the wealth of data available to the company. Modern concept data visualization tools such as Tableau can make valuable data available to each business line and allow direct collaboration between the various departments, for example, to satisfy a problem-solving request that must necessarily involve multiple skills within the company.

Ease Of Development Of Specific Tools

Tableau tools allow you to create even very complex dashboards concisely, as most of the operations are carried out in self-service mode, with a high level of automation. The no-code nature of Tableau allows the various business teams to independently create tools useful for internal communication without resorting to the intervention of programmers and data scientists.

Progressive Improvement Of Data Governance

The ability to visualize increasingly advanced and complex analyses allows you to manage enormous amounts of data with great simplicity. When this opportunity translates into a constant practice, companies can acquire that data-driven culture that, combined with higher visibility of data, makes it possible to execute data governance strategies increasingly effective and less expensive.

Tableau For Corporate Business Lines

Tableau’s analytics tools prove to help support data visualization activities useful for all lines of business (LoB) present in the company, including:

Finance And Administration

The main benefit that Tableau offers to the company’s management departments lies in the elimination of manual processes, such as old spreadsheets, in the function of modern tools, with a much higher level of interaction, with the ability to analyze data to obtain reports and insights on any aspect concerning the company activity. These aspects allow for more precise control of the budgets and resources allocated to the various activities.

Human Resources (HR)

The data relating to the company’s human resources would be very complex to manage without modern analysis tools, capable of demonstrating flexibility about a wide range of variables. Using Tableau can allow you to tell each employee’s story, rather than a candidate to be recruited, with just a few clicks. A practice characterized by deadly boredom can even become fun to create and share.

IT Management

At least, in theory, the IT department should be the one with a data culture helpful in recognizing the value of Tableau solutions. This platform can become a valuable ally for IT and Data Governance activities. A recurring example is dashboards to integrate and optimize the communication capacity of the software used to monitor services that can be located anywhere, from corporate data centers to dozens of different public and private cloud services. Tableau can connect various data sources to offer a unified view of the active services and the location in which they are performed.


Tableau can leverage its CRM tools to bring together data related to marketing activities to view analyses and reports, for example, relating to expenses and results obtained on different channels, such as digital media, social media, websites, and blogs related to the user experience of users. Tableau allows marketers to capitalize on their curiosity to support an essential data culture in a trend-driven department such as marketing.


Tableau helps facilitate the creation of a data-driven culture in your sales teams, which is essential for optimizing your company’s conversions and business results. The real-time visibility of the behavior of each user in the various phases of the sales path allows it to be profiled promptly, to give rise to multiple strategies, such as identifying the most profitable customers, rather than evaluating the negative aspects, in which perhaps the sellers spend many hours of their time without obtaining appreciable results in terms of concluded contracts.

Supply Chain

The management of a supply chain represents one of the most complex aspects. Descriptive and predictive data analysis can offer vital support to optimize and make all processes more efficient in procurement and logistics. A data visualization tool like Tableau allows you to visualize the dynamics of past events and advance predictions of future events in real-time.

Customer Care

Advanced analytics allows you to optimize your customer experience with the brand. The team can take advantage of Tableau’s visualization tools to obtain a graphical summary of all customer interactions with the company in real-time to meet their needs promptly, often anticipating their requests for support and assistance. Therefore, in-depth customer visibility is an essential resource for retaining customer loyalty and increasing the profit base.

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