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5 Rules Of Team Management That Every Manager Should Know

Team management is essential to establish a good quality of life at work. Managing a team by adopting strategic management is an effective way to achieve the company’s objectives. Discover how to handle a project thanks to these few management techniques correctly. However, managing a team requires knowing how to motivate, energize and communicate better with employees to have intelligent decision-making and efficient teamwork. This human resources management can go through management training and more team building for better team cohesion and control of psychosocial risks.

Leading A Team Effectively: What Are The Challenges? 

Team management takes work. If it encourages collective intelligence, innovation, productivity, increased performance, etc., one must learn to lead a team in this way and to develop and lead a managerial action plan. A good manager must:

  1. mobilizing and empowering each employee, being both a manager and a coach;
  2. actively pilot any project management (in project mode or team project);
  3. encourage public speaking, which is essential for team management  ;
  4. take regular manager training for greater agility;
  5. listen actively and give feedback. Report on meetings;
  6. demonstrate emotional intelligence, gain assertiveness, and master authority.
  7. Anticipate and manage conflicts. Encourage team cohesion;
  8. motivate his team, involve him, and organize the development of skills  ;
  9. have good time management, know how to delegate to focus on cross-functional management  ;
  10. encourage training for everyone via the CPF (Personal Training Account).

Diploma courses exist to lead and manage a team to acquire managerial skills. You will learn critical skills, techniques, and team management methods, including psychosocial risk management, stress management in a difficult situation, communication, etc. Via the CPF, you can find tailor-made training, particularly e-learning (some are possible in blended learning ) or continuing professional training.

The Golden Rules For Managing A Successful Team

How to coordinate a team? For successful managerial change management and to manage a team successfully, here are some tips to make your own: 

Move From Vertical Management To Horizontal Management

How to manage your team if you stay in your office? To order a couple, you must be present on the ground and take your place as a coach, especially since the arrival of Generation Y in the world of work. Managing a team requires having an overview of each position to appear credible in your role, especially if you are the new manager of an already-formed group. Be present as soon as you take office! Adopt visual management because more than the essential annual interview is needed to know a person!

Encourage Collective Intelligence

You are responsible for leading a team. You are in charge of its proper functioning, which is why you must understand the functioning of each employee and demonstrate emotional intelligence. Encourage good behavior among your employees, learn how to involve them, energize them, motivate them, and even reframe them if necessary. By finding how to mobilize each of them, you will be able to develop your management style and allow the managed division to achieve its objectives.

Set Up A Clear Organizational Structure

Leading a team requires organizational skills. Each collaborator needs to have straightforward tasks and a precise way of working. To implement operational management, it is first necessary to clarify the work’s method and distribution. Understand the work organization of each employee, and speak with the team leader to coordinate the staff through strategic and agile management. Why not pilot the driving of a weekly work meeting to establish clear objectives to be met?

Give A New Group Dynamic

Of course, management is not just about managing conflict. Find out how to communicate better and give a positive group dynamic! Leading a team does not necessarily require charisma. Use your organizational know-how to establish regular team-building! Human relations are essential to team cohesion: why not role-play during a meeting? Proximity management is a critical mode to make communication more fluid, particularly participatory management.

Accompany Change By Equipping Yourself With The Right IT Tools

A manager must equip himself with appropriate resources to support him in his team management. An IT solution may allow him to use more agile situational management techniques. You can follow in real-time:

  1. staff performance, productivity;
  2. financial costs, so you have support to justify them to management;
  3. an agenda for better management and monitoring of their training.

Many solutions exist on the market, such as online work platforms, which become allies for managing remote or mobile teams. Among the most complete, you will find:

  1. Atolia facilitates exchanges and organizes teamwork thanks to features for instant communication, collaborative document editing, shared calendars, and project management. This collaborative platform is flexible and secure; it simplifies processes and increases your efficiency while guaranteeing your data protection.
  2. Monday.com is a versatile and customizable project management software that defines workflows for your teams and centralizes the management of each collaborator’s tasks. A calendar and a dashboard give you a view of team schedules to determine who is available and know everyone’s schedules. The little extra? It’s a fun and colorful interface, easy to learn for fluid and visually pleasing team management!
  3. Net frame. co, with its collaborative functions for better teamwork. The online platform organizes work around projects, documents, and working groups. It centralizes and structures information, contains document sharing and validation circuits, and streamlines communication. Team management becomes more effective and engaging.
  4. SocialJs Project is packed with features for all stakeholders. Users navigate on a collaborative platform and an intuitive dashboard. The manager has an overview of the project’s progress in real time, and his hierarchy can thus adjust his management of human and financial resources and gain agility.

An Agile Company Where There Is A Good Quality Of Life At Work

You now know the fundamentals of management to lead and motivate your team effectively. It is reframing an employee, managing change management, leading a team to achieve the objectives of its hierarchy, and knowing how to assume decision-making, all of which will make you a good manager. Becoming a manager is difficult: you have the right to make mistakes! Human resource management is evolving, as are interpersonal, inter-company, and intra-company hierarchical relationships. New managerial issues replace the quality of life at work at the center of the debates. Learn about diploma or certification training: management training allows you to enhance your experience and gain leadership and responsibilities.

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