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10 Tips For Using A Blog And Retaining Your Prospects

A company cannot be content with being present on the web and offering online offers to increase its sales, regardless of the sector. Above all, he will have to generate leads with a blog. The blog makes the company credible towards its targeted prospects by providing useful information with high-added value. It serves as a demarcation tool and an image vector, two sine qua non-conditions for a successful web marketing project oriented towards lead generation.

As a decision-maker, you have to define the priorities of your company. Generating more sales and increasing turnover by rationalizing costs are part of your guideline. To achieve this, being present online is an absolute necessity, but your agency website must be able to generate leads and convert them. It is necessary for its expertise if individuals and professionals call on an agency. Your blog positions your agency as an expert in its field! It aims to highlight your know-how, attests to the reliability of your agency, reassures your future clients and strengthens their motivation to choose you as a partner.

Is A Blog Essential For All Sectors?

A specialized company will only see its turnover grow if it limits itself to proposing only a range of online offers. To generate leads, it must adopt a strategy aligned with its content marketing objectives. By content marketing, we must understand blogging, of course, but also, in the background, a range of technical skills upstream of blog writing. The blog places the company as an expert in its field in all sectors. 

Through the corporate blog, e-prospects obtain information, draw advice and receive recommendations. Whatever their pain points, 21st-century prospects have become accustomed to conducting their research online. As long as they land on your blog pages, these can quickly become real prospecting levers. Here are some tips for using a blog to attract leads:

Work On Your Positioning To Stay Visible On The Web

Appearing on the first page of Google results remains a significant challenge for any entity wishing to develop its presence on the web. This requires having reasonably advanced knowledge of the algorithm of the search engine in question and devoting a certain amount of budget to do so. The objective is to set up a blog dealing with subjects directly affecting your heart of targets while referencing it. To succeed in retaining prospects, your blog must provide information on your profession, skills, solutions, and expertise.

Provide Useful Content

Retaining prospects through a blog also implies that we provide them with real added value in response to their needs. A good blog is not the one that generates the most traffic but the one that converts the most. Do not just locate the keywords in the right place to make your blog accessible only through this medium. This could tarnish your image! For a visitor to return, he must have found specific answers to his problems. Do not hesitate to place a comment field at the bottom of each blog page to receive feedback from your readers.

Offer Premium Content At Different Stages Of The Purchase Process

Whether we like it or not, visitors who consult a blog are aware of issues at different stages of the purchase process. An Internet user on the verge of discovering his problems and finding himself in the awareness phase should not be treated in the same way as a potential lead in the evaluation phase. The latter, particularly in search of better approaches to resolving his situation, could not be assimilated to a hot prospect potentially ready to buy. You will quickly understand: to determine which content to focus on, you will need to identify the respective issues of your personas. The goal is to check if you can personalize the offers according to the journey of each lead in your conversion funnel.

Couple Your Blogging With A Good Inbound Marketing Strategy

Internet users who frequently visit your blog pages are the most potentially convertible into leads—design CTAs (Calls-to-Action) on your blog to generate leads through your signup forms. Design good landing pages to introduce them into your conversion funnel. Do not lose sight of your traffic. Analyze it based on good key performance indicators. Adapt your strategy and personalize it by profile as your prospects progress through the conversion funnel. Thanks to your blog, many inbound techniques allow you to retain candidates: lead nurturing, marketing automation, call-to-action, landing pages.

Pay Attention To Any Technical Aspects

As interesting as it is, your blog will not arouse the attention of your prospects if there is no link pointing to social networks or an RSS feed, for example. Where you have been able to generate leads, you risk losing them. Consider three essential points to take care of your online journal  :

  1. Check if it is easy to subscribe to your blog.
  2. Work on ergonomics without neglecting the aesthetic aspect.
  3. Choose attractive content: short, precise, simple, and straight to the point.

Design Good Landing Pages

For each blog content, you need to design. You will also need to set up a specific page containing additional information. This information will testify to your offers’ credibility, relevance and quality. As a reminder, a “landing page ” or a  destination page is used to convert a lead. This is a landing point where the Internet user arrives after clicking on a call-to-action or an advertisement that you would have previously placed in strategic places on your website. A landing page gives Internet users an overview of what you offer on a page. It must succeed in convincing them of the offer’s usefulness and allow them access to it. 

Customize Your Forms And Call-To-Action

You need forms to generate leads! They allow you to glean information about your contacts in exchange for the offer you send them. You will then need to identify the fields to be integrated into the form. We generate leads via forms, and we use CTAs to convert them! In addition to the states, you must direct your traffic to different landing pages where you will promote your offers. A call to action can take the form of a button, just as it can be an image or text. Calls-To-Action is used to introduce your leads into your conversion funnel so that you can qualify them later.

Respect A Specific Frequency Of Publications

If your visitors subscribe to your blog, they want to stay on the lookout for your news. Retaining prospects with a blog requires regular publication of new articles to cultivate a specific habit among your targets and encourage them to return frequently. The main thing is to respect a particular frequency by writing periodically without imposing an unsustainable rhythm which will reduce the quality of the content.

Promote Your Blog With Social Networks

Your business blog posts will only generate interest when they gain popularity and attract potentially convertible prospect targets. Social networks answer your concerns about knowing where and how to share your articles and where to detect hot prospects. Social media has become where most Internet users spend the most time. 

By taking advantage of community platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, you will optimize your visibility, reduce costs, and maximize your time savings. A satisfied visitor to your blog post will not just give your post a “like”. He will share your content with his contacts and suggest they visit your site. Relaying your blog articles on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Viadeo, etc.) has several advantages. This multiplies the chance for your publications to be:

  1. Shared by your readers (principle of virality).
  2. Commented by your fans.
  3. Liked (on Facebook), selected (on LinkedIn), retweeted (on Twitter), positive (on Google +), etc.

A Blog Reveals Nothing Without Statistical Monitoring

You will need to analyze the traffic to determine if your blog brings added value. Conventional tools like Google Analytics and its ilk allow you to track your blog visitor statistics but only offer somewhat incomplete and anonymous quantitative information. Hence the interest in using a more powerful tool like HubSpot: a preconfigured analytics solution that optimizes the monitoring of all actions on site (from access on-site to consult a blog to the opening of a newsletter during a follow-up following a download of a whitepaper). 

Best Practices For Generating Leads With A Blog

To generate leads with a blog, you will need the following: 

  1. Regularly publish relevant articles with high-added value adapted to the target (illustrated with images and videos if necessary).
  2. Invest time promoting your business blog.
  3. Don’t limit yourself to selling only.
  4. Recruit passionate and competent bloggers.
  5. Measure your ROI over the long term.
  6. Encourage your internal collaborators to contribute to the blog.
  7. Dare to stand out from the competition.
  8. Constantly innovate to generate better leads.
  9. Master the rules of SEO referencing.
  10. Remain attentive and responsive to the expectations of your target readership.

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